We arrived in Mr`gann`s bio ship to the lab in twinty minets. "We need a way to get in." Aqualad said. "I can get us in!" I shouted. "Shhh!" Everyone said. "Do you wan`t them to know were here?!" Kid Flash Wisperd yelled. "No.Sorry."I wisperd. I gusse I was still nevous."Anyway I can get us in. All I have to do is make a small portal... But be warned it might give you viod vistions."

"Robin and Kid Flash come with me and Xhadow. Super Boy keep a look out in the east. Artimis in the west. Me`gann stay with the bio ship in case we need a clean getaway. If we need to link up I`ll tell you on the com." AquaLad odered. I opened a small dark purple portal on the side of a wall. Everyone walked through it. Were in! I thought. I looked around were was eveybody...when I looked down they were all on the floor.

"It was realy cold in there." Aqualad said shivering. KF was crunch in a ball. "There were zombies and sharks... eating me. In...G...gym class."He said. "I was being chased by some guy with a knife. You should do that agin...for halloween." Robin said smileing."No!" AquaLad and Kid Flash said at the same time. Wimps I thought.

We walked around the building till we found the lab. "Robin hack any computer you canp fine. Xhadow and Kid find any samples of the drug."AquaLad demaned. I walked around the lab tables and found nothing. Then Kid Flash found a bunch in some cabinite. "Put these samples in a bag." AquaLad order. Kid and I put as many as we could into the bag. "Guys you might wan`t to come see this!" Robin said calling us over.