She jumped from her perch, landing on the rooftop below. The wind was blowing off the sea and the waves crashed on the beach peacefully. She turned her head to look out at the ocean. A light shimmered a few miles away, shinning over the water. The lighthouse. A small smile graced her lips and she looked back to the mountain she had recently left. Nothing was wrong there; it was calm. Turning back, she leapt off the building, free falling down to the ground. She let out a laugh that was almost musical. The smile stayed on her face as she walked over to a wall of crates by the water. She leaned against them, waiting.
Seconds later, a girl with short red-brown hair stopped in front of her. The girl's brown eyes were shimmering with excitement. They stared at each other, still waiting. The flapping of heavy wings grabbed their attention and they saw an angel with long black hair and blue eyes flying down to them. She landed gracefully, folding her soft black wings behind her back. She smiled at them.
“Hello, Erin,” she greeted the red-brown haired girl.
The speedster smiled.
“Hey Dev. Long time.”
“I know.”
The other girl smiled, moving to sit on the crates.
“Hello Becca.”
“Hi Dev. I thought you'd be here before the speedster.”
“Normally yes. But I had to heal Blade before coming here.”
The sound of a motorcycle caught their attention. They all turned to look at the sleek black machine that had stopped beside them. The rider pulled off his helmet, revealing his blonde hair and blue eyes.
“Terror,” Becca said.
He smiled at her, heading over to them.
“Alright. What's this about?” he asked. “I was busy.”
“I'm surprised you showed. Considering Blade needed-wait. What do you mean? You texted me.”
Terror gave Becca a funny look.
“No. I got a text from Erin saying to meet here.”
“Well that's funny! Cause I got one from Devin,” Erin said.
“I sent no such request. In fact, I received one from Becca.”
The four looked at each other before jumping away from the designated spot. A sudden explosion behind them only told them what they already knew; it was a trap. They stood in fighting stances, watching the form exciting the smoke.
“Tigress,” Becca growled.
“Heroes. You escaped last time. But forgot one thing.”
Tigress waved her hand and all four of the heroes fell down from a sudden intense shock. Their screams filled the night as they began to see spots dance before their vision. Tigress waved her hand again and this time only Devin's went off. She screamed from the pain.
“No!” Becca shouted.
She jumped up despite her vision, kicking Tigress back. Tigress fell backwards and Becca knelt by her friend.
The angel looked at her with clouded eyes.
Devin stopped, becoming unconscious. The three other heroes stood, facing Tigress. Becca twirled the escrim sticks in her hands. But another shock caused them to fall again, this one worse than the last. Tigress stood above them, waving her hand until Terror and Erin blacked out. Becca stood on shaking legs.
“Your shocks don't work like that on my Tigress,” Becca said.
“I know.”
Tigress waved her hand and this time a collar surrounded Becca's neck. Becca tried desperately to get it off. Tigress smirked as, with a wave of her hand, the collar sent a shock of dark magic running throughout Becca's body. The girl fell, black spots dancing before her vision. Tigress lifted her foot, giving a harsh kick to Becca's head. Becca let out a growl before going under.

Tigress' form shifted and Serepta stood looking at the fallen heroes. She pulled out a comlink.
“Serepta to Acro. Phase one is complete. Four little heroes have fallen. Proceed as planned with phase two. And make it painful.”