"I'm sorry!!" Wally ran in circles. Beat was on his tail. The bystanders ( Amy and Rhyme ), giggled as the two boys toppled to the ground, arms waving in the air.
"Gonna take you down, yo!" Beat shouted as he pinned Wally to the ground. Rhyme knew where this was going.
"Beat it's okay. Let him go" Rhyme said with a giggle. Beat took one deep breath and let go of Wally's neck.
He's insane!
"You were going to kill me!!" Wally cried.
"But your already dead, yo" Beat cracked his knuckles. Rhyme groaned.
"How many times do I have to tell you that cracking your knuckles are bad!" Beat said a polite sorry and turned to Wally.
"What do you have to say for yourself?" Wally shuffled his feet.
"Sorry. No offense but you do look like a-"
"A boy? Yup I know" Rhyme replied. Amy stepped forward with a huge smile on her face.
"Hey we can work as a team!" Beat and Wally stumbled.
"Wahhh?" the cried.
"Work as a team? You crazy?" Wally began.
"Come on. If we work together on the missions, we'll survive and get a second chance!"
"You insane, pinkie?!" Beat blurted.
"Haha pinkie. Nice one" Wally gave Beat a high five.
"Grrrr. IT WAS JUST AN IDEA!" Amy's cheeks turn red as a tomato. The boys staggered back, their bodies tingling with fear.
"Yo, Rhyme lets bounce!" Beat stumbled to Rhyme and tugged her sleeve away from Amy and Wally. Rhyme smiled and waved goodbye to her new friends before dissapearing into the crowd.
"Why'd they have to run off like that?" Amy snapped. Wally laughed.
"You, and them" Wally repeatedly pointed to the crowd then to Amy and to the crowd then to Amy. "bwahahahahaha!" Wally held his stomach. Amy turned bright red with anger. After Wally slapped his knee with joy, Amy pulled his ear towards 104 (the shopping Center).

Amy let go of his throbbing ear. Wally whined and looked at Amy.
"Why did you do that?!"
"For making fun of me!" Amy roared, then lowered her head as people walked past. She took a deap breath and continued. "It has been ages since I went shopping!"
"You serious? It's only been one day and your complaining you haven't been shopping?!" Wally replied as he rubbed his red ear. "Anyway we're playing a game so no one can see us?" Amy shook her head and adjusted Wally's head to a wall.
"That sign over there is for the Players. If it's in a section then people can see us. This way we're allowed to buy stuff to increase our strength, defense and speed"
"Wait we get to increase our speed?"
If I increase my speed to the maximum then I can once again become KidFlash!
"Yes Wally" Amy replied sluggishly then tugged her partner into the huge shopping mall.

It was HUGE. Girls held hundreds of bags while they walked to another shop. Guys were huge and glared at every guy who took a peek at their girlfriends. Wally stood close to Amy who knew where she was going. They entered a shop called "Casual Puppies". Amy lead Wally straight to the men's section.
"Ahem. I don't need anything" Wally implied as Amy suggested a black leather jacket.
"Hmmmm. You don't go shopping often hey young man?" a tall handsome looking fellow peered down at them. He wore completely white. White collar sleeve with white soft pants. His shoes were shiney and clean. His blonde hair was slicked back and he held his white leather jacket over his shoulder with one hand in his white belt.
All Wally could think of was, "Who is this guy?" but behind his back, a crazy fangirl was prancing like a balledancer.
"I-it-its the p-p-prince!" Amy babbled.
"Yes. I am prince Kyle Shiroman. King of style!" Kyle flipped his hair back which made several fangirls faint. Wally groaned.
His style is obviously gay but he doesn't seem gay. And he shouldn't be whipping his hair back and forth because it's slicked back! Wally thought. He smirked. But then a white light once again filled his mind.

A muscled boy with a red S on his T-shirt crossed his arms.
"No capes, no tights, no offense"

"Well nice meeting you, Red" Kyle smiled and walked off with his fangirls following him.
Red? Where the heck did that come from?
Wally looked at his hair.
*groan* Smart. At least my name is not Blonde or *smirk* Pinkie
Wally turned around to notice his partner frozen....with joy? He looked up and down, snapping his fingers in front of her face before slapping her face.
"AHHHHHHH!" Amy screamed. Wally stumbled and fell onto the coat rack. "The Prince SPOKE to ME! OMG OMG OMG OMG" Amy started running back and forth squealing her head off. Wally stood up and dusted himself off. He glanced at the people who starred at them.
"Okay calm down. Don't want to lose your voice do ya?" Wally pushed his insane partner to the exit.
Ugh. Why me?