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Fan fiction by ecoelo posted over a year ago
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Okay I'm here in my room, a pencil in my hand writing about an extraordinary term I've had.

He walked me home, his arm over my shoulder and when we got to my door...

"Hey dork are you coming or not?" I turned around to see my 9 year old brother Liam in my doorway.
"I'm nearly finished. Wait" I said as I turned back to my notebook.
"Hey! I wait for you to try on your clothes at the mall. You try out like a bisillion (that's not a number) clothes and every time you look in the mirror your like
Does this dress make me look fat?" he said in a little girl voice. "Well b!tch it does!"
"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" I yelled as I threw my pillow at him. Then another boy came out from behind him and said
"He said your fat. Are you def or something?" they looked at me with their evil grins.
Yep. I grew up with evil twin devils.
I jumped off my bed, grabbed my bag and put it on my back and...
Chased them.
Opinion by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Becca-short hair
My OC Becca in here. Maybe I'll post her bio.

She paced back and forth in the small width of her room. The other occupant followed her and just listened.
“Nonononononono! Why did this happen to me?! NOT okay! Stupid gum. Stupid people. Stupid world!”
“It's not ending just because-”
The other sighed, still watching.
“It wasn't just anything. It was a symbol. I didn't want to part with it!!!”
“Becca, you're being ridiculous.”
“Yes. But I don't care!”
“Any other things you want to rant about?”
Becca glared at the other in her room.
“Then we should train.”
“NO buts!”
“Fine. But as of now, you're the wrost helpful angel ever!”
“Good. I'm a protector angel.”

The two entered the mountain just as Black Canary dismissed the others.
“You two decided to skip practice?” she asked in her authoritive voice.
“We had an accident. But we are unharmed.”
Fan fiction by DiamondYJ posted over a year ago
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The night air is cold. I sit on the ledge of city hall, watching the people walk in and out of the popular building. No one notices me, for I am cloathed in the darkness. I pull out the small, wrinkled piece of paper from my pocket. Happy Harbour, they'll help you. I clench the paper in my fist and shove it back in my pocket.
"Vanessa." I whisper, moving away from the ledge. "I'm over here." replies her voice. I move towards the sound and find her huddling on the ground. "Are you cold?" I ask, sitting next to her. "Just a bit, Danielle." she responds. "We have to keep moving, we're almost there." I say. "And what happens once we get there?" Vanessa asked, standing up. I look up at her. "We tell them about the League of Shadows. And the uprising against Sportsmaster, and the invasion plans." She crossed her arms. "And what makes you think they'll believe us?" I shrugged. "Don't know, but my gut tells me they will." The silence grows and I hope to my feet. I look at the city from where I stand and whisper, "Let's move."