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nelly3000 posted on Apr 26, 2013 at 04:04PM
so since young justice is over what was your favorite episodes?(from both seasons and dont tell all of them ) also mention why the episodes u are going to tell are your fave ones!!!!!!!

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over a year ago nelly3000 said…
mine was from season 1 ep. 24(peformance) because it was centered on robin and his past and 18(secrets) because its halloween, secret appears ,zatanna and artemis going out, artemis learning about mm and sb and artemis feels like she wants to let her secrets but doesnt
over a year ago nelly3000 said…
and from season 2 i would say ep 19,20 (the last ones) because since they were the last ones they were epic and more well organised complicated plan than ever!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!
i mean we saw(i dont mean in replay i mean the first time we saw) artemis kaldur diying for a minute(but it wasnt true),all yj heroes dressed up like the light dudes(all undressing from that clothes to threirs big suprize),wally dies(ok that was really sad),impulse taking his place,artemis becoming tigress,mm and sb almost getting back together,kaldur destroying salvages plans(that nobody did in a VERY long time before),the reach going on trial(in that part i was like YESSSS!!!!!),tim getting with cassie
well tht was all i can think of for the last two ep.(of course in yj season 2 A LOT OF things has happened)
over a year ago APWBD112 said…
Season one: Homefront, Performance and the final. Homefront because well I really like Artemis and Robin and I really liked how we never saw who they were fighting until in the middle of the show. Performance because I really really like Robin! and that little bro talk with him and Wally almost made me cry and then the final episode because the team had to fight the Justice League...yeah that was pretty badass...

Season 2: I didn't like season 2 as much as season 1 so I guess Depths was my favorite because it kinda mirrors Homefront when Artemis and Nightwing are fighting along side together :)