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Opinion by tis-ites posted 2 hours ago
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Most businesses gain leads & sales traffic from search engines by good SEO. The likelihood of achieving high leads to sales ratio greed enforces unknowingly many SEO gurus to do great SEO mistakes. Natural and sensible SEO efforts help to keep your website top listing on search engines. Few implausibly common and undoubtedly website reputation damaging SEO mistakes is worth to see and prevent before to start with SEO.

Common and Easy SEO mistakes:

1. Adding duplicate content. Google hates and punish identical content aggressively; similar content on more than one website, or same page content in a single website. Google just throws such worthless pages links list back in search in result as due to worthless content irrelevant for end users.

Make sure you don’t copy and paste content though it may be relevant to your visitors, as it will only destroy your website’s ranking in search engines. Avoid addition of same text content in more than one page, against the text content relevancy. Always make a habit to post fresh and new content only on your website. Don’t worry about chance for others to copy your content. Google...
Opinion by tis-ites posted 2 hours ago
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Social media marketing now-a-days becomes an essential and compulsory part of marketing as it helps us to reach a large verity of needed consumers. People are getting themselves busy in their social virtual life that they used to go for web mart. Why not to go for a web mart as its quite easy to choose from a verity of things available online.

Now-a-days 50-60% of the people are searching for products that are available online.

So reason is big and simple why not to use social media marketing for web promotion purposes as it having almost billions of online persons. You can promote products or services to your desirable target. Through Social media platforms you can reach different group of people who used to express by making comments on various products and services. It usually contains a lot of forums, blogs, communities and other application which can be used to share their point of view regarding a niche sector.

Its always seen if you have comments it doesn’t matter whether its bad or good you get automatic promotion. More comments will lead you for a way of rectification of products and the enhancement of the software and which...
Opinion by tis-ites posted 3 hours ago
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1Analyze Your Product:

First of all it is very important to understand your products.
Knowing your product well in detail will give you a basic sense of:

“ Whom You should be selling Your Product! ”

2 Identify Your Budget:

Nevertheless, one of the most terrific phrases, because the budget would decide whether you are actually going to succeed through your business or not.

“Don’t Panic If You got small amount to start upon your New Business”

Just calculate the amount that You want to invest in your online business, and don’t forget to include the products stock, shipping, handling, delivery and most importantly the marketing part.

3 Choose Simple and Comfortable CMS:

Beginners should start with a CMS (Content Management System) e-Commerce website. Just forget about heavy custom works and big eCommerce monthly basis priced eCommerce platform. At starting stage one should concentrate more regarding the functionality and ease of navigation for a purchase.