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Opinion by BuddyBoy600alt posted 1 month ago
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As you may heard, A lot of Disney cartoons are being pulled by WMG because of the theme songs. They include: Ducktales, Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troops, Raw Toonage, Marsupilami, Bonkers, and many other Disney shows. And I remember DisneysBonkers028 was suspended on February 16th, 2011 because his Bonkers episodes were blocked by WMG. WMG claimed the audio track to his Disney shows and gave him three warnings. That means DisneysBonkers028 was suspended permanently from Youtube. And I hate it when WMG bans many Youtube account as well. I wrote if Disney ever saw Warner Music Group claiming more Disney materials, Disney would sue WMG for false copyright claim. Well, Here is the issue. WMG needed the special permission from Disney for their long out of print CD called ToonTunes. And ToonTunes does have Disney theme songs.
News by tis-ites posted 2 months ago
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Here we go: Wordpress 3.9 is now released as a stable version. As a curious guy, I found really interesting modifications on Wordpress 3.9

Below points are my personal point of view on this upgraded version.

This time It really got awesome with much awaited advance features

Paragraph Backspace Issue Solved:

Wordpress guys taken care one of the most waited features of making the paragraphs post as they written on word doc file. In previous version lacks this new ability and usually takes some extra space. Backspace adjustment of space was really a headache in Wordpress 3.8.0 version.

But this time it is a big relief to many Wordpress fans to rely on blog purpose. This will definitely going to increase my writing skills.

Free Image Resize Feature:

I was always thinking of why not to implement “image cropping” feature with ability to adjust a picture wherever you want with additional ability to crop it according to your requirement. This particular features given blogger some extra time to improve their writing...
Opinion by tis-ites posted 3 months ago
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Most businesses gain leads & sales traffic from search engines by good SEO. The likelihood of achieving high leads to sales ratio greed enforces unknowingly many SEO gurus to do great SEO mistakes. Natural and sensible SEO efforts help to keep your website top listing on search engines. Few implausibly common and undoubtedly website reputation damaging SEO mistakes is worth to see and prevent before to start with SEO.

Common and Easy SEO mistakes:

1. Adding duplicate content. Google hates and punish identical content aggressively; similar content on more than one website, or same page content in a single website. Google just throws such worthless pages links list back in search in result as due to worthless content irrelevant for end users.

Make sure you don’t copy and paste content though it may be relevant to your visitors, as it will only destroy your website’s ranking in search engines. Avoid addition of same text content in more than one page, against the text content relevancy. Always make a habit to post fresh and new content only on your website. Don’t worry about chance for others to copy your content. Google...