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Review by tis-ites posted 6 days ago
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Website design is an art as well as science. It requires creativity,visualization and artistic endeavor. With the passage of time website design companies are adopting change, cutting edge technology and latest trends are cornerstone of modern responsive website design. Parallax Scrolling is the trick that is used to gain the maximum attention and to attract the visitor.Website creator come up with refined visual and technical tricks.

Literally, Parallax is the graphical effect; which is created with the engagement of HTML5 and CSS3. It takes place when the background images move by camera slower than foreground images, in two dimensional picture this creates an illusion of depth and motion. Although negative and positive issues associated with Parallax Scrolling and it is used in a wide variety of websites like portfolios, corporate sites and landing pages. Where it leads to loyal visitor, the same it leads to low valuation for SEO ranking.

How parallax scrolling affects Website?
Opinion by tis-ites posted 1 month ago
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Android application is revolution in mobile world, this is simple and easy to use. Smart phone based on Android operating system is extremely popular across the globe. It is open source development so developers don’t need to shell out any authentication fee for its development.

Why Android is called new generation operating system?

The open source framed works enable developer to develop some amazing app like games, dictionary, books and many more to fulfill the needs of customer. You can download various applications from Google play store and for this you don’t need to pay any additional cost. You can say that this is new generation operating system because

• To develop the customized application like mobile games and many other projects this operating system is used.

• It runs on Linux with Java language.

• This offers a flexible environment with Java IDES to develop application.
Article by tis-ites posted 1 month ago
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In this era of information technology, internet has brought huge change in the business. Web development service is booming, the development service of the responsive web portal demands various processes to make the business legal one. The use of technology varies from service to service. Literally a portal on a website acts as a single source of all information on specific domains. A quality and user friendly web portal offers users a broad source of information.

On web portal you can perform various business activities including connecting business processes within the business and across the supply chain by unifying access to structured and unstructured data, integrating application to support the business process.

Types of Portals

According to the content and intend of user the portals can be categorized into different types.

Vertical Portal- Vertical portal is also known as Vortals, which focus only on specific industry and domains. You will get tools, information, articles and research, it is a standard tool for business which provides an ideal gateway for business to market their products and services. Classic...