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Few years before I visited YouTube and suddenly got inspired, and a year before I have decided to launch my own video sharing website, so in the result of all efforts, my website for video sharing link
launched with a good attractive design and functionality, but one year past it didn’t get enough traffic and I m worried that why is it but didn’t get answer yet, that what modifications or changing in design or functionality needed to attract the users, so I m posting this question here to the viewers please let me know the steps which needs to achieve to get my website popular
plz... plz....plz
posted by augustbabe1999
Youtube is a place where you can post any video side show on the interent fast and easy. You can make fun of people. Help people. But did you know there are stokers out there who wacth you on that video. Did you know they can go to your profile and search you on find people. That is why you should only go on to youtube to look at videos and to not play around on. If you are not od enuf to go on facebook than you are not old enuf to create an account on YOUTUBE. I hope someday they will learn to stop stoking but until than stay SAFE
Does Google provide image clipping services? If you are waiting for the answer, then yes ‘Google’ does provide image clipping service. You may wonder how as no one has till now heard anything from the search giant saying it has started looking into image editing service industry.

Don’t panic! Google is not going to start any clipping factory; rather I mean the search it returns for image clipping services. If you try typing ‘image clipping service’ as the keyword then Google provides you with a set of image clipping services provided by service providers across the globe.

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posted by sblsoftware
Custom software development also known as custom software engineering, can be simply defined as avoiding predefined solutions. To meet the specific requirements and preferences of customers, it can be achieved by custom software development. Its goal should be unique. Most of the software development company have a wide experience in custom and database programming, software engineering services, distributed websites,web application development etc. A software web design is an expensive project in which a predefined solution will not be able to meet all the customers' requirement as well as...
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posted by leslie1060
Theres new X-Men Evolution clubs, there really cool and fun so make sure to join them there names are " Spyke" that one if all about Spyke one of the cooler X-Men!another one is "New Mutants" that one is about all the new recruts and all that stuff, i put great pictures and videos and lots of articles in all the X-Men Evolution clubs., and another one is "Acolytes" is about the bad guys in X-Men Evolution like pyro,sabretooth,Gambit, and more is really cool clubs. So for all the X-Men Fan out there go and join them!!!
posted by Damien26
A picture!
A picture!
Part 1 the good sides:

Tha cliff is a series of videos made to be funny.
I would really watch this with my rating of 8.6/10! Yes there is a bit of blood but not to much. So if your in on stick figures doing odd things to get to the other side of the cliff this would be your thing! Now get ready for the laugh of your life! This is very funny! Hope you like to never go to sleep because you will stay up all night!

Part 2 the dark sides:

Tha cliff has its dark sides too......As you know this was made by a computer causing playback lag. And when you take a good look at it you see that the figures move on the ground while playing through the video naking it a little distracting and making you have less of a view in the action part of this video.
Another picture!
Another picture!
posted by StellaPop
Stella Pop Factory
Stella Pop Factory
Stella Pop is a creative company.

A soda brew crew that, between mixing up creative new soda
concepts, serves up high-fizz content and outside the pop-bottle thinking for our clients.

The firm, is modeled after an old style soda factory. Our secret soda factory, is tucked away in a quiet corner of Washington DC, so we can concentrate on creating new flavors for all our clients.

We have consistently, won high praise for our creative thinking, exceptional service and expertise in content development, design, creative concepts and search optimization.

Stella Pop - 877.299.FIZZ

“We don't make the pop, we make the Fizz!"
Yo Stella - The official blog of Stella's Pop Factory
Yo Stella - The official blog of Stella's Pop Factory
Stella Pop Factory - Always Mentioned, Especially creative!
Stella Pop Factory - Always Mentioned, Especially creative!
posted by Rockstar102
Oh my gosh its Josh!!!Josh is a cool teenage kid who makes videos on You Tube daily.He is super funny and kind of cute(lol.).He usually makes videos with his friend Tyler and sometimes with his grandpa.He has fifty-seven videos on one user and thirty-three on the other user.He has one video called "Click/This".It is really funny!I was laughing my head off for like 10 minutes!He will also be making a Father's Day video soon. You should watch it and give me your review of it.Oh yeah! He would probably want to tell you guys to subscribe to him too.YEA JOSH!!!
Last week Emma01 Asked if I know the band Alphaville. I had to admit I wasn't familiar with that band. So I went to You Tube and did a search for the band. Within seconds I found several videos from Alphaville. Thanks to Emma1 and You Tube I found some new music I've never heard before.

Simarly enca has turned me on to Russain pop music. With the help of You Tube I again found videos of musical acts I would not normally get to hear if I just limited myself to over the air broadcast radio.

So thanks to You Tube and fellow Fanpoppers I've found a new world of music.
posted by jarik
I was born with spina bifida a genetic disorder that has left me a parapalegic. I have never known anyone outside my family that has this condition and I've beleived I'm alone in the world when it comes to this condition.

But thanks to the web and You Tube I've learned I'm not alone in the world. I have found dozens of video blogs created by people with spina bifida. I've watched these videos and learned that I'm not the only going through the same struggles that this condition has caused.

These videos have given me much encouragement and comfort. So this is how You Tube connects to someone like me.
posted by Boyfriend368
Have you ever herd of (lil wayne) well if you didn't you will find out, he is a teen and he is a collared guy with a tallent and a little sence of humor, well relly no sence of humor! He
made a song called (Lolly pop) and it is the best song ever, well mabie not the best but it is a relly good song if you like his kind of music and if you want to find that easy you can go to "" and after it loads you can scroll down and there will be favites and then if it is still there you press on the picture of "lil wayne" or you call look for the song name "Lolly pop" and dubble click on that...
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Teachings of Sage Pathanjali (Father of Yoga) about Power of INTENTION.[Book: Power of Intention by Dr.Wayne.W.Dyer]:-

“……….When you are inspired by some great purpose,
some extraordinary project,
all your thoughts break their bonds,
your mind transcends limitations,
your consciousness expands in every direction….
And you find yourself in a new,
great and wonderful world……
dormant forces, faculties and talents come alive
and you discover yourself to be a greater person
by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be……….”.

posted by thegame998
Man I don't know where to begin. Oh Yeah! First of all my Youtube account is thegame998. I also share an account with my brother call Chipmunk Battles which leads me to my first topic.

Chipmunk Remix Videos: These are so funny. People like Chipmunk Battles, Chipmunk Nation, and cheeseburgerjon download music and make remixes of them to make them sound like the chipmunks sang it.
See some here: link .

Nalts: One of the most subscribed to users on Youtube. He is so Dang Funny! He posts a new video like every other day and he is just funny and pretends not to know. Totally Awesome.
See him at link...
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