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Article by hongkilover01 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Park shin hye has been currently in the hospital after a car accident. The car accident was on July 18 at probably 11:30 pm KST. Park Shin Hye was in a van riding with her manager and three other people. When they crashed, Park Shin Hye and the others were then rushed to the hospital. The hospital just announced news that there were no serious injuries for the star and other people involved. The hospital anounced that Park Shin Hye may be in the hospital for a few day to rest and recover her minor injuries. The van was seriously damaged.. The half front was completely destroyed.And all four wheels have been torn off. Hopefully, Park Shin Hye will return to her exciting show, Heartstrings/You've Fallen For Me, as soon as possible. Lets all hope Park Shin Hye gets better!