Yusei: Let's rev it up! (Every episode he synchro summons his monsters in his duels.)


Akiza: I'm gonna cobble you when I see you! (Lol!!! Funny Akiza!!!) (Ep. 71)

Akiza: Oh, well, there's goes our ride!
Yusei: I thought the idea was to get me out!
Akiza: Fine! Next time, I won't try to save you, I'll just leave you--- (Ep. 71) (I like the mini arguement between them, but this is funny!!)

Jack: Ohhh!!! (face palm himself) (Ep. 80)

Jack: I guess isn't the first time your appetite got you into trouble! That Noodles To Go-Go was mine, by the way! (Ep. 81) (This is funny!!! LOL!!)

Lazar: See? You've got no choice but to duel, and he did the math!
Yusei: Enough outta you!
Lazar: Aaaaahh!
(Ep. 81)

(the truck is zooming out of control around the winding road built into the side of the cliff. On every curve it grates against the railing on the side. Inside, Yusei carefully walks to his runner, trying to keep his balance. He reaches it and hangs onto it for balance.)
Akiza: Uh-uh. No way. Forget about it. You are not serious.
(Yusei pulls up a compartment under the seat.)
Yusei: I hope ya like red!
(She catches the helmet he just threw her, as he puts on a matching one.)
Akiza: There's no way.
Yusei: You got another plan?
Akiza: Yeah, we let this play out! We find out who's behind all of this!
Yusei: Not now, we don't. You've already put yourself in enough danger because of me.
Akiza (sarcastic): Oh, so riding double is perfectly--
(The truck jerks again.)
Yusei: We don't have time to argue about this, Akiza! Come on, hurry up and hop on!
Akiza: Forget it! Not gonna happen!
(A moment later, Yusei revs the engine with his right-side hand grip. Akiza is sitting on the right-side crossbar, with her feet resting on the part of the seat behind his back, one hand gripping the top of the curved back and the other gripping the bar beside her.)
Yusei: Hold on as tight as ya can.
Akiza (talking very fast): Okay, look, fine, I'll admit it! I've never ridden a duel runner before, okay?! I have a thing with super-fast moving objects. Especially when I'm on them. It's not that I--
Yusei: Here we go!
Akiza (voice very small): Oh boy. (Ep. 71)

And that's it!!!! My fave quotes!!!!