(Yusei and the stranger in the trenchcoat are wandering beneath the same abandoned log ride Mina found earlier. Yusei's new ally stops walking.)
- Are we sure Akiza can defeat this Dark Signer?
(Yusei stops walking and turns around)
Yusei: Yeah-- have you ever seen her duel?
- No. But I heard she was trained by the best.
Yusei: Are you talking about Sayr? That guy was a creep.
- I take it you have special feelings for this girl. Why else would you risk coming to such a dangerous place.
Yusei: She's a friend. That's all. Let's keep walking.
(Ep 60)

(Yusei continues to keep Sayer at bay, using his duel disk as a shield. He pushes against it, and shoves his assailant back. Sayer in the trenchcoat leaps away, facing Yusei across the room, and his sword vanishes. He reaches for another card, slapping it onto his duel disk.)
Sayer: This'll teach you!
(Another fireball appears, and Yusei leaps aside, already bracing for the next)
Yusei: What is your problem, buddy?! Why don't you want me to help Akiza?!
Sayer: Because she belongs to me! And I won't let you and your friends have her!
Yusei: Oh, so you're her number-one fan! Why didn't ya say so? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but she's a little too busy to sign autographs right now!
Sayer: Are you mocking me?!
(He summons another sword and rushes Yusei.)Nobody mocks me-e-e-e!!
(I love this part!! Ep 60)

(Yusei and Jack ride out of a tunnel and onto the highway, surrounded by glimmering buildings. At this late hour, they're the only ones on the road.)
Yusei: When're you going to tell me where we're heading, Jack?
Jack: Stop your worryin' and enjoy the view already! So whaddaya think of New Domino City? It's a little step up from the Satellite, isn't it? But if you get homesick, I'm sure I can find a trash bin for you to play in.
(As Jack speaks, we notice that Domino City is more than a little step up from the Satellite; it's all brushed steel, city lights, and skyscrapers.)
Yusei: Are we gonna duel, or are you gonna play 'tour guide' all night?
(Ep 4)

Leo: Huh. So your name's Yusei?
Yusei: Yep, now don't wear it out.
Leo: That's not much of a superhero name, is it?
Yusei: Super-what?
Leo: Never mind.
(Ep 15)

(Yusei is seated on a couch somewhere backstage. The screen in front of him shows the stadium; the Sphere is showing an image of Akiza. Yusei looks at his deck, holding it in his hand.)

Yusei (thinking): Akiza. With the power of my deck, I know I can help you overcome the hate and anger you feel. But first I have to figure out why you don't want to be helped.
(He looks at his right arm, his Sign hidden by his glove and sleeve.) You say you're afraid of me because of my mark, because your mark has caused you nothing but pain.
(He thinks of the twins; the Black Rose, masked and cloaked; Jack, glaring down at him the night he arrived in the city...)
But whatever these marks are, they connect all of us somehow... (...Goodwin, smiling shrewdly as he stands at the tower window...) And I'm sure Goodwin knows why.
(...Akiza, and Sayer and goons walking up behind her...) And something tells me those characters who hang around you know what's going on, too.
(...Yusei glares as he watches them leave...)
Everyone is out to use us somehow, and we can't let that happen. We've gotta come together, like a team or something.
(Back to the present; Yusei is watching the screen, which now shows an image of the Black Rose, fully cloaked and masked.)
That includes you, Akiza. I've gotta use our duel to remove that mask you're hiding behind. But in order to do that, I have to figure you out.
(The screen shifts to show Akiza's face, her slight frown forbidding.) Who you are, what makes you tick.
(Yusei takes a card out of his back pocket, and looks at it-- Stardust Dragon.) I don't wanna have to go full-force, but if it means tearing down that wall you've built around yourself, I'll do it. And, then... after this battle... I need to get Jack on our side too.
(The screen now shows Jack. Yusei adds Stardust Dragon to his deck.) (Ep 23)

Yusei: (to Akiza) Embrace your dragon. It's beautiful! Just like you are under that mask.
(Awww!!! How sweet!!! Ep 24)

Martha: And once this is all over, maybe you'll take her on a date.
(The look on Yusei's face is nothing short of priceless.)
Yusei: Huh?!
Martha: I'm just saying,
Yusei (overlapping): A what?!
Martha (overlapping): if you two had some sort of connection...
(Yusei looks down at the table, thoroughly stunned at the idea, then retorts--)
Yusei: I'm trying to save the world, not date!
(Blister bursts out laughing.)
Blister: He's already got a girlfriend-- his runner!!
(Yusei glares at Blister and Martha as they laugh.)
(My brother and I laugh on that one! It's funny!!
Ep 40)

Trudge: It’s too spicy!!
(All the kids laugh)
(Ep 45)

Akiza: Eheheh. On the *bright* side, at least you have your brain *back* and you're not prancing around as a scary Dark Signer.
(Carly is biting a handkerchief, completely distraught and hysterical, as she whimpers--)
Carly: I was a Dark Signer...?!
(Ep 64)

Yusei: Let's rev it up, guys! And let's do it together!
(The three of them are the first to cross the brand-new bridge, at top speed on their runners, racing alongside the Daedalus Bridge... Each one looks serene, content, excited, hopeful. As they zoom forward into the sunlight, Yusei races ahead a bit, and cheers aloud--)
Yusei: Yeah!
(The three runners race past the end of the Daedalus Bridge and onto the main stretch of their creation, across the sparkling water toward the city...)
(Ep 64)

And that's it!!!