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The fans pick: Rio
The fans pick: Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal
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The fans pick: Yuma
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dragonwinxbloom said …
awsome Posted over a year ago
Jaden39 said …
Everybody i have an announcement! they are making another yu gi oh show called yu gi oh arc v. i watched the trailer. It looked fucking gay but maybe thats just becuase i couldn't understand any of it vuz it was in Japanese or it was cuz he was riding a fucking hippo. maybe i'll change my opinion when it actually comes out. or maybe not. im uploading the trailer so you guess can check it out Posted over a year ago
Saizerfalcon49 commented…
Don't judge your opinion on just the first look of the trailer,dude.Arc V is ACTUALLY BETTER than you think it is! Also before watching Arc V ,its better for you to watch a video on what Pendulum Summoning is.Watch that,then watch ARC V but for gods sake,WATCH THE SUB,NOT THE DUB!!! over a year ago
Elemental-Hero said …
Personally the japanese, subbed is MUCH BETTER than the english, or else Yuma just sounds too damn annoying Posted over a year ago
Tony-Jones commented…
I think Toris voice is annoying. over a year ago
Saizerfalcon49 commented…
I don't think any of the characters in any Yugioh are annoying over a year ago