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Flying-Hikari posted on Apr 22, 2012 at 08:33PM
So basiclly this is 2 CREATE A DUELIST
su it needs the basics
Millennium Item yes/no
If yes:
Favourite card
Single, relationship

thank u

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over a year ago Fazoodle said…
Name: Yuji Hasegawa

Age: 15

Rank: Regular Duelist

Deck Type: Water

Millennium Item: None

Favorite Card: Levia-Dragon Daedalus

Relationship: Single

Apperance: He has long spikey blue hair with a blonde streak through the parting of his hair. He likes to walk around in a original school uniform and wears a scarf around his neck. (The School Uniform is the old styled one from the original Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Friends: None Yet

Enemies: None Yet
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over a year ago sleepwalkers said…
Name:Noone Nekoniikawa

Age; (no real age)"16"

Rank: Expert Duelest

Deck type: Dark

millenium item: (None but as a shadow he can go inside them)

Favorite card:Mind Control


appearence: long white hair with a black bang on the right and a purple one on the left , and the bangs covering his eyes slighty are blue. His eyes are red and black on the outside, he wears something like a mixture of Yamii Bakura's outfit and Marik's but in black and red wears lots of peircings and black eyeshadow with black lipstick,skull jewlery.

friends: only allies

enemies:everyone good so far
over a year ago Starz103 said…
Name: Beddi Louise
Age: 16
Rank: Most Powerful Duelist
Millennium Item yes/no: No.
Appearence: She has mid length light red hair and dark purple eyes. She's of mid height and is a vampire as well.
Favourite card: She doesn't have one.
Single, relationship: She is dating Dumon. (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal)
Clothes: She wear tomboyish clothes and as well as purple too.
Friends: The Barians, The Arclights, Ryou Bakura, Yugi Moto, and Rex.
Enimies: Yuma, Astral, Weevil, and Yugi's friends.