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Yu-Gi-Oh Did You Ever Cry During a Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode?

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No,But I Almost Did..
 MCHopnPop posted over a year ago
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MCHopnPop picked No,But I Almost Did..
MCHopnPop picked No,But I Almost Did..:
Well I almost cried this morning watching When Miss Mai challenged Jounounchi-kun to a duel,but I do remember crying after hearing Mai's horrible dub voice when using the orichalcos..which RUINED and I mean ruined the moment for me..But that was a long time ago,now I only watch the Subbed version!..and I almost cried when Peggy had soul taken away after he loss to Miss Kujaku..and I almost cried when Yugi-boy used the Orichalcos against The Anonymous Pharaoh..I would go on..but I'll stop here
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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raikagebee picked No,But I Almost Did..
raikagebee picked No,But I Almost Did..:
When Mai dueled Jounouchi after Valons duel, it was so sad T.T also the three bikers pasts and in battle city when Marik had control of Jounouchi was quite emotional also when Jounouchi was protecting Mai from Marik in the tournament, i could go on but i think i will stop there
posted over a year ago.
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msyugioh123 picked Yes
msyugioh123 picked Yes :
yeah i hate the end when yami yugi is gone i hate it
posted over a year ago.
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lizzyb427 picked Yes
lizzyb427 picked Yes :
i have when Yami Marik defeated Yami Bakura i want cry now just thinking about it
posted over a year ago.