First round: Team Ichigo vs. Team Ichimatsu

Team Ichimatsu is rude to Team Ichigo and underestimate them since they are in HS2 and Team Ichigo is in MS2. Furthermore, the make cake for Salon Dè Marie. The first round is to make Pound Cake, the easiest of all with the theme, a cake to enjoy with family. Ichigo decided to do Strawberry Pound Cake, Andoh is Green Tea and Kashino is Cocoa Chocolate. Hanabusa decided to make Coffee taste at first but later changed it to Rose cake because he remembered the Rose Scent his late father gave him and rose made him remembered the time with his family. He has trouble making the rose cake because ; 1st try- the scent in absorbed into the cake and it is scentless. 2nd try- the scent is too strong until you can get a headache. Team Ichimatsu tease Hanabusa's Rose Cake but he still hasn't give up. But every times he tried, he failed to make the taste and scent even.

He went to a nearby swamp to throw the Rose Scent away but after he threw it, Ichigo, who followed him from the back, jump into the swamp to save the Rose Scent. Kashino jumped after Ichigo to save her and they got out together. ( In the manga, after Kashino jump after Ichigo, he held Ichigo's side to save her from drowning and Kashino blushed after Ichigo blushed ). Hanabusa got the idea for his Rose Cake from Ichigo and Kashino's smell after falling into the swamp.

Ichigo told them that Strawberry, Green Tea, Cocoa Chocolate and Rose aren't even if they put it all on a plate so she suggest they change the recipe. Ichigo- Peach Cake, Andoh- Black Tea, Kashino- White Chocolate, Hanabusa- Rose. In the competition, many people are shocked to see their plain and simple Pound Cake compared to Team Ichimatsu's cake whose more beautifully embroidered. Team Ichimatsu is confident of their win but Hanabusa's decorating skilll comes in handy when he decorated all the pound cakes into a rose on a plate.

Team Ichimatsu loses to Team Ichigo on taste and they are angry about it. The judges said that the taste of their cakes are fighting with each other so that why they lose to team Ichigo whose cakes taste are even. In the end, Hanabusa thank Ichigo and give her a kiss at the cheek ( beside the lip in the manga ). Kashino and Andoh are angry and said that love between team mates are forbidden. Ichigo said that a kiss at the cheek for Hanabusa only means greeting. Andoh told Kashino that Kashino is lucky that Ichigo is an airhead. Hanabusa fell from the chair and said "What kind of person am I? "