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FatElephant said …
At first, I thought this show was going to be gay. It didn`t seem real when a baby was turned, because that baby was running really fast!!! It seemed like it just got a superpower. I don`t know why, but I couldn`t stop watching it. lol Z Nation surprised me, and it keeps better and better! I don`t know if it`s true that they`re going to change the actor for Murphy, but that would be really sad....I think he brought most of the humors to this show. I hope he will stay until one or two seasons. Posted 1 month ago
Znut said …
My daughter and I were talking a while back, before Z Nation was a thing. While watching Walking Dead, she said she loves show, but something was missing! People who laugh and make jokes. Cuz no matter how horrible of circumstance a group of people find themselves in, there WILL be the jokester, and random funny Krud that happens. Z Nation is right on the money! Insanity, danger, unbelievable hapinstances, scary horror, and hilarity! Best Zombie show Ever! I am obsessed Z Nation nut! Keep it up! Posted 4 months ago
zombies4mommies commented…
I'm with you & your daughter! Hysterical! I adore baby Lucy & Casandra. What were the writers thinking when they killed off Cassandra and dumped baby Lucy in the "foster home?" But now here's my real question: how did Cassandra come back from the dead & how was Murphy & Lucy reunited? Not sure how I missed it or why but they just seem to appear. 4 months ago
I love Z NATION, my favorite character is Roberta Warren and I can't wait for the new episode this Friday. Posted over a year ago