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The fans pick: She looks strange with blonde hair.
The fans pick: Nat Zang
The fans pick: Warren
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matthewsv said …
I went to the walker stalker in Nashville Tn 2016 met THE MURPH, and even 2 step with him around his booth. They were all so nice, sure hope they will come back this year. I already have my vip ticket... Posted over a year ago
mstrscara1 said …
I met The Murph, Doc, 10K, and Addie during Walker Stalker Nashville 2015. (Doc, everyone loves my t-shirt!) Cannot tell you how wonderful these folks were, friendly, sincere could not say enough nice things about them! We hope Keith stays as Murphy! He is a wonderful actor and brings so much to the character. And Please come back to Nashville this year!!!! Already have my VIP ticket!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
FatElephant said …
At first, I thought this show was going to be gay. It didn`t seem real when a baby was turned, because that baby was running really fast!!! It seemed like it just got a superpower. I don`t know why, but I couldn`t stop watching it. lol Z Nation surprised me, and it keeps better and better! I don`t know if it`s true that they`re going to change the actor for Murphy, but that would be really sad....I think he brought most of the humors to this show. I hope he will stay until one or two seasons. Posted over a year ago