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The fans pick: I am expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously. To which are you referring?
The fans pick: Black undershirt
The fans pick: Leonard Nimoy
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Yes
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holli123456789 said …
Who else is excited about the new Star Trek in 2016? Even though one just came out c: Posted over a year ago
emay102 said …
First Time watching star Trek a week ago, now I gotta say, I am totally obsessed with Spock. Posted over a year ago
PearsAreCute commented…
Tell me about it <3 over a year ago
emay102 commented…
Ok, so now Spock is awesome but Zachary Quinto is better as himself and Sylar. over a year ago
holli123456789 said …
Can't wait for the new Star Trek 3 to come out in 2016!!! With Zachary Quinto as Spock 💙 Posted over a year ago
aimeebickford commented…
such a long time:-( but definitely worth the wait:-* over a year ago
PearsAreCute commented…
WHY DO THEY MAKE US WAIT?!?!?!?!?!?! :'< over a year ago