Hey, I am BIM.

My old name is StarBurst, let me tell you a tale of-no, no not me, well, i am one of the main people in it, but it's mostly about my master. Irken Invader Zim. He was a banished invader, he's from planet IRK, he was framed for many things that he didn't do. As he grew older, in prison, he began to hate everyone. He never met his family, he has a different opinion on how he was born. He loves to invent things, torchure my anoying cousin, Dib. His only friends are: Gir, the computer, Cten, Alyssa, and me...well, i don't really think he thought of me as a friend. I was his maid for 11 straight years, he didn't even care. All he ever wanted was to: kill Dib, destroy or rule earth, bang Gaz, impress the Allmighty Tallest.

So, onn with the story, I was walking home one day, until a person grabed me from behind...

Bim: AH!!! HELP!!!

person: Relax, child! I just wanna-

Bim: RAPE!!! RAPE!!!

Person: Oh, hush! I don't rape people! I am princess Casey, the daughter of Tallest Spork.

Bim: 0_0 Princess???

Casey: My father was killed by a freaking moron, my mom left me. I'm in search for my dad's murderer...

Bim: Well, You're an irken, mabey my master can help you a bit, I mean, IF he wants to...

(later in zim's house, zim is watching TV with gir, Cten, alyssa)

Zim: Absolutly not! I don't help people!

Bim: Fine! Then I will hold my breath until yo change yo mind!

Zim: HA! You won't do it!

Bim: *breathes in*

Zim: *rolls his eyes and grins* You are so dumb...

Bim: *begins to turn blue*

Zim: Okay, you can stop now... For real, stop!

Bim: *turning purple*

Zim: *picks her up and shakes her* STOP IT! STARBURST YOU TURNING FRIGGIN PURPLE!!!

Bim: *still not breathing*

(Cten and Alyssa are freaking out, Gir is laughing like a lunitic)

Zim: Okay! Okay! Let this CASEY person come in!

Bim: *finally getting air* YAY!!!

*Bim runs to the door and opens it*

Bim: HEY! CASEY! MASTER SAID YES! *notices that noone is there* Huh!? Where did she go??? *looks around from the door*

Zim: *thinking* She's hallutionating...*walks to her, puts her to sleep*

Alyssa: Um...Zim? Why did you put Mandy to sleep?

Gir: yeaaaah??

Zim: She's hallutionating, it scares me when people do that. Hey! At least i didn't kill her!

See? He'll put me to sleep for the most DUMBEST reasons. If he thinks i'm hallutionating, i'm out for the rest of the night. I hate it!


Bim: (digging around in a big box labeled "BOX") Hey!

Minni Moose: SQUEAK!

Bim: Look at this! It looks like Oogie Boogie...*looking at some kind of necklace*

Necklace: COME TO ME...

Bim: *jumps* AH!!!! SWEET JUMPING CHRISTMAS!!! IT JUST TALKED!!!! Sweet! Dude, master zim will love this! *climbs out of the box*

(later in zim's lab)

Zim: *doing an experiment* Easy...Careful...Easy...


(the experiment blows up in zim's face)

Zim: *covered in black stuff, glares at Bim*

Bim: Look at what i got fo yo!!!

Zim: *growls* Grrrrrrrrr.....*snatches up the necklace* GIVE ME THAT! What is this junk!?!

Bim: I found it in a box upstairs, i wanted yo to have it.

Zim: Well, i don't want it! *throws the necklace away, lits a match, trys to set it on fire* Now, StarBurst, you know better than-*notices Bim getting teary*

Bim: *wipes tears from her eyes, walks off* Sorry, master, i weave yo awone...

Zim: *watches her leave the lab*

(to be continued)