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Opinion by mariawalter posted over a year ago
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★ This Is My Zombie Wristband ★

I Love My Zombie_Wristband So Much Its Awesome.
Its say's Zombie_Nicholas You Guys Can Buy One To They Are Nick Wiggins fave Wristband & You Can Be part Of His Zombie Army I Am And I Love It ....

I Got One
Of Nick Wiggins Shirt's Its His fave Shirt & I
Got It Im So Happy I Posted A Picture Of Them So
You can See Them & Comment Well I Hope You Guys
Like It Enjoy.

And I Got A Small Picture Of Nick Wiggins Down At The Bottom So You Guys Know Who He Is He Is Amazing He Rock's & I have His Shirt .....

★ - MW.

Article by mariawalter posted over a year ago
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Nick Wiggins
ME : Hey Nick Ur Music Has Helped Me Through The Good And Bad Times I Have Had With My Family And I Am Thankfull To Have u Guys In My Life U Rock..I Play The Drum's Alot Cause I Really Want To Make It Where You Guys Are =)

NICK : Maria, Thank you.. I play music to feel something and to feel really alive.. And when I hear that something I have made with my friends helped someone it is the best feeling in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

=)That Was Wrote from Nick Wiggins He Is The Best Friend I Can Ever Have He Is Sweet & Amazing You Rock Nick You Can Add Him On Twitter And Facebook If You Like Im Sure he Will Talk To You To I Promise =) And I Hope To Meet Aiden When They Go Back On Tour ..