I have a MAJOR obsession with Zuko, and anime, but mostly Zuko. I'm not talking about what most people would think of a Zuko obsession like: watching him alot. No, I watch him EVERY DAY. he only pics on my cell are of Zuko, and the videos I record on my cell are of-guess who-ZUKO! He's just soooo hot. And if my obseesion wasn't bad enough, here's more: the only pics on my laptop r of him, I draw him every day(pretty well, actually), I dream about him every night. (p.s. I'm a very mentally active person, which means I think A LOT, and I somehow can control my dreams whenever I enter them), I want to get over my obsession, but I just can't. Zuko feels so real to me, I know everything about him, but deep in my heart I know he's just another anime character. . . I don't know what to do. I being completely obsessed with him goo? Bad? Or psychotic? Whenever I dream about him, I'm in anime form, we're always in Ba Sing Se, unfourtunately, my family tends to pop up in my dreams. Like last night: I was with Zuko outside the Jasmine Dragon, my mom told me we had to go home, so Zuko and I said good-bye. We gave each-other a goodnight kiss, but *blush* it ended up going on for longer than expected. So my mom was standing there saying "Come on, we need to leave!" It was great, whenever I wake up from a kissing dream, I remeber it feeling so real. . . God, I'm going to be obsessed forever. HELP!