Kayley and her Purple fire
Kayleys POV

I was walking home one day. I hurried past the bus stop. I was hurrying because my favorite show was going to be on soon. It was going to be on until 12:30am tonight. The show I'm going to be watching Avatar:The Last Airbender.
I love that show so much! I wish I could be on the show. I really wish the world was the show. As I got home, I threw my backpack on the floor. My mom groaned. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop throwing your stuff on the floor?" she asked, looking at me seriously. I sighed. I dragged my backpack into my room. "Now to turn on my TV and watch my show!!!" I said, turning my TV on. Katara's voice was the first thing I heard. "Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them. But when the world needed him the most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. Although his airbending is great, he still has alot to learn before he can save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world." Iroh's voice said "Previously on Avatar..."
Zuko appeared and he was talking to Azula. I continued watching. When I checked the clock it was only 11:48pm. "I'm so tired... I want to watch though.."
I fell asleep on my chair.
Kayley stood before Zuko, Katara, Toph, Aang, Suki and Sokka. She noticed they were all in the western air temple. She must have been dreaming. Her hands were cartoony and her clothes were too. Kayley looked in the pond beside her. She was amazingely pretty. She had sparkling bright green eyes. Her black hair was wavy and she was wearing it down. "Kayley! hello??! Did you get us the meat?" Sokka asked, waving his hands around. "Sokka she has the meat, don't worry. Can't you see it? The basket's in her hand!" Katara told him, pointing to the meat. Sokka took the basket from Kayley and started eating it. She noticed that Zuko kept glancing at her. An hour passed, and Aang said it was Kayley's turn to teach him firebending. Zuko and Sokka sat down to watch.The other girls went to town to get make up and stuff. Toph had to go, because she had no other choice. "Ok, you have to be powerful, I know." Aang told her, making small fire from his hands. Kayley showed him her firebending, and lots of purple fire came out of her hand. Aang had his mouth wide open. She must have been pretty good. They kept practicing for an hour, then she got hungry. "Sokka! Where's all the food?" Kayley asked him, while he hid the meat behind him. "Give me some meat! I'm starving!!" she yelled at him. "No! I'm still eating it!" he said, shoving a handful of jerkey into his mouth. Kayley firebended torwards him, and he hid around behind the stone pedastol. She grabbed the meat and started eating some. Zuko snuck up from behind her. He startled Kayley, and she grabbed his hand and threw him onto the ground. "Ow! What was that for?" he said, standing up. she stood up too. "You scared me and I didn't know who you were! I'm sorry!" she said, burning the meat. She dropped the black meat and left. Sokka sat by Zuko. "So i know you like Kayley. You should ask her out." Zuko sighed. "I'm not sure Sokka. I don't even know if she likes me." he said putting his face in his hands. "I dunno. You're perfect for each other. Both of you are stubborn, easily angry, and you're both firebenders. Kayley and I are like brother and Sister." Sokka said. "Maybe we could start off as friends..." Zuko started.

2 days later......

The gang was eating lunch at the beach. Kayley wasn't at the beach. Zuko noticed, and started looking for her. He finally found her practicing her bending.
"Why aren't you at the beach?" Zuko asked her. "Because it is my duty to learn more fire bending, to teach the Avatar more firebending." she said bending some more. Zuko sat down. "Aren't you hungry?" he asked. "I'm starving. Why?" she asked, sitting down by him. "I don't know. I was asking." he said. Kayley sat down. "I'm so tired,and hungry." she said closing her eyes. Zuko thought for a moment. "I'll get you something. Unless you want to go to the beach." he said looking her. Kayley's bright green eyes met his. "I'll go to the beach. See you there!" she said, going into her room. Zuko smiled, and headed to the beach. Sokka got up. "Soo, how'd it gooo?" he asked. Before Zuko could answer, Sokka pointed to something behind him. Zuko turned and saw Kayley. She was gorgeous. "Hey Sokka! What's up? Did you eat all the food this time?" she said, running past Zuko. She sat down, and started eating some biscuits.
After about 2 minutes or so, Kayley got up and went torwards Zuko. "Ok. You asked me to come to the beach, Now we play with some fire." she said, smiling.
Zuko nodded, and they began fighting. The 'battle' lasted 30 minutes. Zuko sighed. "Ok. You got me." he said sitting on a rock. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going surfing!" she said, walking torwards the ocean. She grabbed a board. Katara sighed. Aang put his arm around her. "Are you ok?" Aang asked.
"No. I'm worried that the creepy guy knows where we are.." she said, looking down. "ahh don't worry. You guys have me." Toph said, lying down

That night....

The gang sat around the fire. "The western air temple is like our home." Toph said, shoving some turkey into her mouth. "It's like every one wants to get us again. Even after Aang brought peace to the world. Maybe it's because that crazy buff guy is after us." Sokka said. Suki looked at Zuko. "How do you feel after the incident?" she said. "What happened?" Kayley asked looking at Suki. "wel-" she started. "No. I'll tell you. Mai. That guy after us captured her. She didn't say a thing about us. He killed her, and she sacrificed her life for us." Zuko said, looking at the fire. Kayley looked at him. "Zuko, I'm sorry..." she said, leaving the beach. Sokka sighed. "Good job Suki. You reminded her of her family." he said. " How did I remind her of her family?!" Suki asked. "You reminded Zuko of Mai, he told the story, and it reminded her of her family." Sokka explained, while Suki folded her arms. "What happened to her family?" Zuko asked Katara. "Her sisters and her father were serving for the fire lord. She and her mother were the only ones who didn't want to serve the firelord. Her sisters, they tried to kill Kayley. Kayley was the youngest of the family. One night, her mother woke her up. She told her to be strong, and that she loved her. Her mother ran away. But this is when Kayley was only 7. When she was 13, she was sold to a woman. The woman was cruel and burned Kayley on the arm. She ran away at age 16. And she ended up here." Katara said looking down. Zuko always thought Kayley lived a happy childhood. He got up and went to find her. "wow. tough life." Toph said.

Zuko finally found Kayley, again practicing firebending. Tears silently slid down her face. "What do you want?" she asked, not stopping her bending. "I wanted to see if you were ok." he said, looking sincere. Kayley stopped. "Look, I know that you went through rough times too. After we defeat this crazy guy, I'm going to search for my mom." Kayley said, returning to her bending. Zuko saw angry tears slide down her face. She stopped, and sat down. Kayley sighed, and Zuko sat beside her. He saw a big scar on her arm. He had never noticed the scar before. "Kayley. I know what you're going through. I'm still searching for my mother too." Zuko said, looking at her. "You're the firelord. I know you can't return to the kingdom yet. But search for her when we return." she said, touching his hand. Kayley got up and left. Zuko sighed. He got up too, but when he was in the doorway, Kayley hugged him. He hugged her back and she went into her room.
Zuko went back to the fire, only to find Sokka there. The fire was slowly dying. "So. Anything new?" Sokka said, poking the fire with a stick. "She hugged me." Zuko said, smiling. Sokka looked at him. "Really?!" he said suprised. Zuko nodded and went to his room. He fell asleep, thinking about today.

The next day....

Sokka woke Zuko up. "Zuko! Kayley! She's missing!" Sokka said running out of the room. Zuko got up immediately. He ran into Kayley's room. Everything was messed up.He noticed a scroll under the pillow. If you want the girl back, bring 3000 sickles. If you don't bring the money, she'll be gone forever. Bring money to the earth kingdom's forest by sundown in 2 days. Zuko grabbed the scroll. He rushed out of her room, and showed the rest of the gang the scroll. "We have to go and save her!" Zuko said. "Ok Ok. We all know Kayley's super tough, and we should TRY and rescue her I guess." Toph said folding her arms. Zuko went and packed some food. "No. I'm going alone." Zuko said, hopping onto Appa. "I'm going with you!" Aang said airbending onto to the giant, white bison. "Yip Yip" Aang said, as Appa started flying.

In the Earth Kingdom....

Zuko grabbed the money from Appa. Aang and Zuko headed into the forest. "Stay Appa. And go hide." Aang said, waving to his giant friend. After about 10 minutes, Zuko finally found Kayley tied up. She was apparently knocked out. Zuko rushed over to her, and tried to untie her. "And what are you doing? Where's my money?" a man said, behing him. Zuko turned and saw Pipsqueak.
He threw the money bag at Pipsquek's feet. "Hehe. Thanks for the generosity. But you ain't going nowhere." Pipsqueak told them. Zuko and Pipsqueak fought forever. Zuko blasted at Pipsqueak's face, and Pipsqueak ran away. Aang and Zuko ran torwards Kayley and untied her. Kayley awoke, and saw Aang and Zuko. "Zuko....I'm sorry...." she said. "For what?" Zuko asked her. "I'm not sure.." she said getting up. Aang airbended on Appa. Kayley passed out. Zuko had to carry her ontp Appa. Her face was cut and bruised. When Aang and Zuko finally was on the bison, Aang said: "She must've fought back. I noticed Pipsqueak looked worried. He also looked worn out and beat." Zuko nodded.
When they got back, everyone was at the beach. "Hey! They're back!" Sokka said, running torwards them. Katara, Suki and Toph ran torwards the sleeping girl. Kayley awoke. "Kayley!" Sokka and Katara shouted, Kayley getting up."What happened?" Katara asked, looking curious. "Some guy named Pipsqueak tried to capture me at the beach. I ran into my room and he followed. He captured me but I got free and beat him at a bending battle. He knocked me out and tied me up." she explained, sitting on the sand. Every one went back to the beach. Suki handed Kayley a blanket. She spread the blanket out and layed on it. Kayley sighed. The sun was making the air warm. Kayley got up, set an umbrella over her blanket and then layed back down. She fell asleep. Toph was snoring, and Katara and Aang were waterbending. Sokka and Suki were building a sand castle and some sand sculptures. Zuko sighed. There was nothing to do.

Later that day.....

Kayley awoke to a storm. She stood up, but the wind was blowing her back. She grabbed onto the nearest tree. "Ouch!" she said looking at the tree bark was very sharp, and her hand was cut really deep."Help! Some one!" she cried out, falling on her knees. Zuko heard her call out, and rushed outside. He almost was blown away. Zuko saw Kayley and held his hand out. "Grab my hand!" he called to her. Kayley grabbed his hand. She cried out in pain. Tears streamed down her cheeks. They ran inside, and Katara rushed to the scene. "What happened?! Let me see your hand." she said, grabbing Kayley's hand. Katara bended healing water over her hand and the pain went away. Kayley sighed in relief. "Are you ok?" Zuko asked her later. She nodded. Kayley sat down by Zuko. She lay her head on his shoulder, and he was surprised. Kayley fell asleep. Zuko layed her on her bed. He left, and went into his room. He plopped on his bed. Zuko fell asleep.

Two days later....

Kayley was walking down the beach. She sighed, and threw a pebble into the water. Zuko saw her,and started to walk torwards her. When she turned, she saw Zuko and smiled. "Hi...." she said looking out to the sea. "Hello, what are you doing?" he asked looking at her long, black, silky hair. 'She's so pretty..' he thought to himself, drifting into his thought. "Zuko?" she asked, snapping him out of his thought. "I'm sorry. Yes?" he apologized. Kayley sighed and looked down. "Zuko, I've known you for months, and I really like you..." she started. "I really like you too..." he started to say. He moved closer, but Kayley turned to the sea once more. Zuko frowned. "What's wrong now?" Kayley sighed. "Nothing!" she said, getting a little irritated. "What so now you're mad?!" he asked, angrily. "Do you want to make me mad?" she asked, turning around. "I'm not trying!" Zuko told her. Kayley clenched her fists. "Get away before something bad happens! I don't want to hurt you Zuko!" she shouted. "I'd like to see you try!" he shouted back. Kayley grabbed his shirt. She moved real close to his face. "You don't want to be on my bad side Zuko. I don't want you to." she said, letting go of his shirt. "Why do you have to be so stubborn all the time?" he asked her. "Me? I'm stubborn all the time? What about you?!" she shouted, turning around. "I'm not stubborn." Zuko said looking at her. "You know what Zuko? I don't ever want to see you ever again!" she said running away. Zuko grabbed his hair. 'What have I done?' Zuko thought aloud.

the next morning.....

\Katara knocked on Kayley's door. It opened by itself, and Katara went inside. Kayley was nowhere to be found. She noticed a note laying on Kayley's bed.
Whoever reads this, I am not here. I have left for a reason. If this is Katara, don't be worried about me. I have left to find my mother. I probably will not be back. Please, give Sokka, Suki, Aang and Toph a goodbye for me. I'll miss you and Sokka the most. Goodbye, Kayley
Katar ran to the beach. "Guys! Kayley left!" Katara said, handing Sokka the scroll. He finished reading it, and sighed. "Ok Zuko, what happened?" he asked. Zuko looked up. "Why do you assume its me?" he asked, looking back down. "Well you were the last one to talk to her, so you should know what happened."
Sokka said, rubbing his chin. "we fought, i mean we argued..... It was my fault." he said looking ashamed. "We have to go and find her!" Sokka said, looking very serious. "I guess the only ones who care about Kayley are me and Zuko." Sokka said crossing his arms. Zuko blushed. Katara noticed Aang was missing and looked for him. After Katara left, Suki got very tired for awhile. She fell asleep, leaving Zuko, Sokka and Toph alone. Of course they weren't alone, but it wasn't really fun without Kayley.

Kayley was walking down a street in Ba Sing Se. People were selling fresh vegatables. Kayley walked torwards a flower shop. She saw an amazing golden rose. It shimmered in the sunlight. "That's a RARE gold rose. It blooms every 12 years. and it stays alive only for an hour. If your at a temple, it'll bloom tonight." a man told her.
3 weeks later......

Zuko couldn't stop thinking about her. He couldn't stop thinking about that night. Kayley was thinking the same thing too. She decided to go back. "To th Western air temple." Kayley told the giant bird. The bird screeched and rose into the air. It wasn't long before she reached the temple. The giant gold and black bird flew to a distant island. Zuko looked around. He thought he heard some one calling. "Hello?
Hello?" he heard Kayley say, not far away. He started running torwards her voice. Kayley saw Zuko and smiled. When Zuko finally stood in front of her, he smiled. "Welcome back." he said, looking into her bright green eyes. "I'm sorry, Friends?" he asked her. Kayley smiled. "More than friends." she said, kissing him on the cheek. He blushed and started walking away. "Zuko! Wait!" she called from behind him. Kayley grabbed his hand. "I want to show you something. But we have to hurry, because it only lasts an hour." Kayley explained, leading him torwards the garden. A fountain stood towering over the beautiful garden. A golden rose was shining in the sunset's light, and Zuko was amazed. "How did you know about this? What is it?" he asked, looking at the precious flower. "While I was in Ba Sing Se, a wise man told me of this rare flower. He said it blooms every 12 years. He also said it only stays alive for at least an hour."
She said, looking at the sunset. Stars came out and the night sky came closer. Night came and the stars sparkled over them. It seemed like there were more than a million stars. Fireflies glowed in the sky. Kayley gasped. It was so beautiful. Zuko looked at Kayley, and Kayley looked at Zuko. Then, Kayley's lips met his. A passionate kiss overwhelmed them. Many tiger koi fish jumped in the pond.The kiss ended, and Kayley blushed. Both of them stood up. "I, uh..." Zuko started, trying not to blush. Kayley hugged him, and kissed him on the lips. "Goodnight Zuko...." she said, kissing him one last time before the moment ended. Kayley headed for her room. 'Today was awesome.' she thought,before falling asleep.