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Plastic Soul

little clown TROUBLING CLOWN


if i had u

Even in Death

Mr. Boombastic

Business of Paper Stars

Bone Shatter

Flawed Design

This Song Saved My Life


Jet Lag

Summer Paradise

save you

Siren's Song

Vinny's Song

concrete angel


Land of Confusion


Definitely Maybe

His Favorite Christmas Story

Eminem Jingle Bells

frank caliendo


Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)

Super Bass


Points of Authority

words we use

i won't say i'm in love

The Doll's House

Eminem disses JB

It's No Bull Sh*t!

Zutara, Gaurdian Angel

i didn't raise my boy to be a soldier

till i collapse

let's go Back 2 the 80's

dancing nut



my new fav. song! E.T

the river, Jon Reep

all my charicters in an RP i'm in!

some of my pictures!

i finally found my theme!!!

Dee Dee Dee!

they're coming 2 get me again!

they're coming 2 take me away!


cats and dogs

fussy eater

give and take

christmas and other holidays

u have no rights

George religion is bullshit

Nigga shit

Men's and women's brains! Boxes don't touch...

computer brains!

Frank Caliendo

mexi friends

poor lil' tink tink

brick by boring brick



jose and peanut

Bubba J


i must not chase the boys

JB gets hit in the head with a bottle!!!!

little things

hey dad...

pokemon make a wish

Creepie's theme!

in a perfect world

My Alian

My christmas list

god must hate me

When i'm with u

the worst day ever

i'd do anything

I'm not gonna Grow up.

welcome 2 my life!

I'm Sorry, i can't be Purfect


death note ipods (different)

death note ipods


tigerstar's flawed design

tigerstar~battle cry

Firestar Vs. Scourge

bluestar~stand in the rain

jayfeather~welcome 2 my life

scorge is just a kid

Zuko, hey dad

Zuko and Azula's family portrait

Warrior cats of clans

Double S