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♥ Happy 17 Birthday Greta! ♥

Opinion posted over a year ago
May everything happy
and everything bright
be yours on your birthday
from morning till night.

And then through the year
may the same thing hold true
so that each day is filled
with life's best things for you!

Have a Happy Birthday~

Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I’m very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.

I hope you enjoy your birthday,

Shinee Stranger lyrics!♥

Article posted over a year ago
[Jonghyun] Isshun de kawaru scenario
Unmei o kanji ta shunkan kara
Mamorinuku to kime ta kimi dake o
Oh la – la – la – la – la – la la – la – la – la
[Key] Doko made mo samayou kodoku na yami no oh~
Kotae te kure yo kimi wa doko ni iru? No oh~

[Taemin/Jonghyun] Yoake no hikari
[Taemin]yoku ni ta hitomi
Sagashi mo tomete ta bokura wa kitto
[Onew/Key] Hanarebanare no tamashii ga
[Onew] Kasanari ao toki
Three two one go


SHINee – Stranger Lyrics!♥

Article posted over a year ago
[Jonghyun] You approached me with an unfamiliar face
Everything was taken from me by that first glance
I have changed, you have switched everything
Oh lalalalalala lalalala

[Key] Although the inside of my complicated mind shakes
The only thing that shines through the cracks is you

[Taemin] Who I’m living for, what I’m heading for
There is a distinct and precise control
[Onew] Only you have to understand me, that’s all I need
You’re the one person I’ve wanted like crazy

SHINee Sherlock english lyrics!♥

Article posted over a year ago
SHINee’s Back, SHINee’s Back, SHINee’s Back Back Back Back Back

From now, all stop, whomever it is
No one can leave this scene, don’t be nervous in this explicit situation
I’m already more free in the secret room

I won’t miss even a single trembling breath of yours
The jewel of the heart that I’ve secretly been aiming for
I’m already aware of your anxious eyes
I’ve found you on the dragon’s board, I’m freeze!

You, with an innocent face

Shinee Sherlock (Clue + Note) lyrics!♥

Article posted over a year ago
[Minho] SHINee's back, SHINee's back
SHINee's back back back back back

[Jonghyun] Jigeumbuteo all stop eoneu nugura haedo
I hyeonjangeul beoseonaseon andwae
myeongbaekhan i sageon
soge ginjanghaji ma
[Onew] Nan milsil aneseo deo jayurowo imi

[Taemin] Neoui tteollin sumgyeol hanakkaji nochiji anha
[Onew] Eunmilhage norin simjangui boseok
[Taemin] Neoui buranhan geu siseonkkaji kkwetturheosseo nan
[Key] Yonguiseonsangui neol chajanaesseo nan freeze!