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2Chewy said about Gossip Girl
Penn cut his hair <3
Now, if we could do something about that beard... Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria commented…
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha right right ;D over a year ago
nstrtjlover commented…
oh god penn's last hairdo looked like a shitzu lol! over a year ago
laurik2007 commented…
well filming starts soon so fingers crossed :) over a year ago
carambolas commented…
Finally :) over a year ago
NocKairu said …
Next round: link Posted over a year ago
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TVD-DE4ever gave me props for my videos
New 20in20 IconContest in Posted over a year ago
2Chewy said about Gossip Girl
wtf happened to fanpop. It looks weird. Posted over a year ago
purple-passion commented…
we must of had some new page design. I liked the one we had before a lot better than this one. Thank god it wasn't just me . I thought I was imagining things. over a year ago
ggdelena commented…
new design over a year ago
Lackson4ever85 commented…
Agree,this one sucks over a year ago
drewjoana gave me props for my answers
Hi ;) did U made the Nick Miller spot? Let me know if yes;)

kisses, Joana Posted over a year ago
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◦◊◦◊◦◊◦GG Quote Contest: Eric van der Woodsen: 3rd place◦◊◦◊◦◊◦ Posted over a year ago
moviequeen said …
Bring back secret write a letter to the cw headquarters Posted over a year ago
2Chewy commented…
What? Are you talking about The Secret Circle? over a year ago
moviequeen commented…
yes over a year ago
2Chewy said about Gossip Girl
So according to the finale promo, Derena will come out of nowhere. I am not happy. Posted over a year ago
NateHeartSerena commented…
BOO! Serenate! over a year ago
LaiaMaria commented…
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Serenate,serenate,serenate,serenate......IS IT SOOO DIFFICULT TO SEE? Come one writers don't make derena be together! WE ALL WANT SERENATE. over a year ago
LaiaMaria commented…
The writers are just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. over a year ago
NocKairu said …
Next round: link Posted over a year ago
insaneplaguerat said …
thanks for the add back
have a great day! :) Posted over a year ago