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Haven't been here for a while :O :) Posted over a year ago
Lindaah14 commented…
Ivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :DDDD over a year ago
Alexhelen24 commented…
Cool that u are back! <3 over a year ago
jo135 commented…
Ivaaaaaaaaa sweetheart :D I missed u :D welcome back! <3 over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn commented…
:* over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn said about Johnny Depp
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! :D <3 :* Posted over a year ago
Nicolexx15 commented…
happy new year x over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn said …
Heey I haven't been here for a while..

sorry i'm heree <3

I love u guys so much! <333 Posted over a year ago
maladox said …
Hy!I like Rihanna. :D Posted over a year ago
alianna commented…
ove her nw red hair over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn commented…
ii love her too...but her newest hair is ewww..:// over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn said about Rihanna
RUDE GIRL !! ^^ :DD Posted over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn said …
THANK YOU PEOPLE ! ^^ Posted over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn said about Africa
I LOVEEEEE TUNISIA!"" ^^ I WANT TO LIVE THERE! <3<3<3 Posted over a year ago
Does anyone knows will Alex ever come to Croatia? Thanx :)) Posted over a year ago
Alexhelen24 said …
Squeeeeeeeeze ! U`ve been hugged .I WANT ONE BACK .If u get 3 ur cute , 6 ur loved , 9 ur hot ....None ?People hate U !.So start hugging !
GOOOO ! Posted over a year ago
ALExXxRybakFaNn commented…
awwwww. I love uu :* over a year ago
Julieh said …
Milan Fans!
PLEASE send me your NAME and COUNTRY
for his birthday video!
if you want to get more information send me a message.
thank you very much!

(if i have already asked you please dont send me anything)
thank you!

Julia <3 Posted over a year ago