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just trying to make myself clear

Opinion posted over a year ago
i've just wrote an article entitled "justin's hater:click this"
here's the link

and just yesterday i've receive a few messageS on my inbox. around 5 messages. thing that surprised me is that those 5 messages were comin' from those so called JUSTIN'S haters!!!!! and you know what? they've just sendin' me that sort of message just to ask me and tellin me why they find themselves HATIN or DISLIKING...

Nice Choice Justin!

Article posted over a year ago
Check this out bieberians.

"Teenage pop star Justin Bieber is happy to date OLDER LADIES!
He admits that an age gap in relationship wouldn't bother him.
He tells "Anything above 40 is little too old for me. I just look for a girl who is FUNNY AND HAS NICE EYES AND A SMILE." And socialite KIM KARDASHIAN is currently top of his list. He adds "i think she's cute and, no, she's not too old for me."

-poor teenage gurls out there who is crazy enough to be on that "JB's GF" place...


Opinion posted over a year ago
"Wow!" That was the first and the only word that I can said after reading the article about Justin's Mom been knocked down by at New Zealand airport. This is the third incident after the one at Australia (recently) and New York incident (last November, if I am not wrong). Poor Justin's Mom. I do hope that she really mean that she's ok after all that had happened to her. But the worst and the sickest thing is that SOMEBODY stole Justin's hat! That was totally UNACCEPTABLE. ergg...... Totally WALANG HIYA! (Sorry for my filipino. It means SHAMELESS). I just hope next time no one out there will...

Be yourself girls...

Opinion posted over a year ago
For this past few days, i've watched a bunch of uploaded videos by those justin freak fans. There's a girl shoutin ''marry me justin bieber! I love u!''

Duh!? Wats the point gurl? Did u think justin would marry u inspite of ur vambness?

And u know what, after watching those videos I came up with this conclusion


I know you've got infected by that bieber fever but if that said desease was way beyond worst, better look for some psychiatrist. I am not jealous or watsoeva. I am just...