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Disappearing memories chapter 2: The Song

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Angel Beats!
Yui waited outside the classroom Girls Dead monster was playing in. The sun from the windows hit her face and caused slight discomfort to her vision but it didn't matter to her in the least, after all listening to the band was one of her favorite things to do. She heard Iwasawa say "Okay girls let's try 'alchemy' once before we go, tonight's another mission". Yui grinned with delight that song was one of her favorites! She almost squealed but remembered she had to keep quiet. Iwasawa called out "5…6…5678!" guitar chords started playing and Yui got even more excited "I want to live forever,...

Disappearing memories chapter 1: the perfect Christmas Present

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Angel Beats!
Hey this is a story i came up with, the last memories of the gang before they disappeared first up is Iwasawa hope you enjoy...
What would you think about if you were
disappearing from all you knew? Your friends, your family? Happiest moments, tragedy stricken events? This is a collection of the final thoughts of the S.S. battlefront members last thoughts before they left purgatory.
Disappearing memories chapter one:    
The perfect Christmas present.

japanese names with their meanings

List posted over a year ago
Anime AI meaning "love" (愛藍) - Japanese girl name.
AIKA meaning "love song" (愛佳) - Japanese girl name.
AIKO meaning "child of love" (愛子) - Japanese girl name.
AIMI meaning "love beautiful" (愛美) - Japanese girl name.
AINA meaning "love vegetables" (愛菜) - Japanese girl name.
AIRI meaning "love jasmine" (愛莉) - Japanese girl name.
AKANE meaning "brilliant red" (茜) - Japanese girl name.
AKEMI meaning "bright beautiful" (明美) - Japanese girl name.
AKI meaning "bright / autumn" (明 / 秋) - Japanese unisex name.