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Shiro_chan gave me props for my images
Hey....How are you? Posted 15 days ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
I AM FINE! :D {Sorry for Replying for SO LONG....) THX! 3 days ago
NagisaFurukawa- gave me props for my comments
Here is a prop cause you gave me a prop. Have a nice day and night. :-) Posted 18 days ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
Thank you :D 17 days ago
AltairEzio22 said about Fanpop
"Sigh" Dear Fanpop.......When will you add a new chat system? I am Tired waiting for fanpop to come up for a new Chat System and it took me like 1/2 years to wait.........and i still haven't heard about a new chat system.......So please Fanpop.......Put a new chat system for the people of this site can chat with each other without refreshing their pages over and over again! -_- Posted 21 days ago
GALAXYMAX43 commented…
do you mean something like What's up, Messenger and etc?! 19 days ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
no......What i mean is like Meebo chat.....Just like facebook you can chat with your friends -_- 19 days ago
Fanpop commented…
We are definitely working on it! 12 days ago
AltairEzio22 said about Anime
Hey Guys! It's been a while since i check my surroundings of this site...........I have notice that there is no longer the meebo or what kind of thing chat box has gone.......What Happened??????? Posted 21 days ago
x-Yumi-x3 commented…
It's been gone for a while. 21 days ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
CRAP! -_- Guess i have to keep refreshing the pages over and over again..... 20 days ago
asuna2 commented…
Yeah 😅 12 days ago
AltairEzio22 said about Anime
IS there someone who will make a Attack On Titan RolePlay? -_- -_- -_- Posted 24 days ago
LittleMissBook commented…
Never done RP before, but it sounds fun ~^^ 24 days ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
Yeh..... 21 days ago
asuna2 commented…
I've done a few but I've never done attack on titan befor 12 days ago
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Shiro_chan gave me props for my images
It's a pleasure for remembering me. How are you doing? Posted 8 months ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
I'm Fine! THX XD XD 8 months ago
Shindou_Takuto said …
Hey!Thanks for adding me.How are you doing? Posted over a year ago
IamKyon gave me props for my articles
Hey how are you?? ^^ Posted over a year ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
I'm Good!' over a year ago
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Sakura_Shaoran gave me props for my videos
Hello there!
Are you still remember me? I hope so hehe
long time no see :) Posted over a year ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
Yep over a year ago
AltairEzio22 commented…
Sorry for late replies.... over a year ago
LightSoul99 gave me props for my articles
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