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AltonTowersNerd said about Blackadder
Best sitcoms i've seen and watched, I got the whole boxset. Posted 5 days ago
AltonTowersNerd said about Apple
I can't believe that I have to get a new model for my iPod Touch, all the Apps and Games now need OS 7+ and I am stuck with iOS 6; my current version is 6.1.6. Posted 5 days ago
AltonTowersNerd said about Epcot
Who misses Maelstrom? Posted over a year ago
AltonTowersNerd said about Epcot
It's been a loooong time since I went to EPCOT in 1996/97. Posted over a year ago
AltonTowersNerd said about The Simpsons
Really enjoyed the Cross-over between Futurama and The Simpsons. I haven't seen The Griffins do it yet. Posted over a year ago
Liked this Tv show back on Sky in 2010 and through 2011. Posted over a year ago
I like Salem because he's funny. Posted over a year ago
Watched loads of times, great fun to learn the songs. Wonderfully entertaining. Posted over a year ago
AltonTowersNerd said …
hello FanPoppers hows it going, yes its I again once again, spreading the great stuff you love and we all love. I have fully now fixed my PS3 and its great that its fixed. Posted over a year ago
I can't play my Playstation 3 at the moment; I have the YLOD and it needs fixing. :( Posted over a year ago
gracelove commented…
Hello Nice meeting you here, how are you today i will want us to be friends contact me here with my e-mail address (grace w i l l 3 2 @ y a h o o . c o m ) because i have a special reason why have contacted you so that i can send you my photos and also tell you more about myself here is my e-mail address( ) you can also drop me your email mail address i am waiting to get a reply from you remember that co-lour, language or age and distance does not matter but understand matters Yours New Friend Miss Grace over a year ago
dakota25449 commented…
gracew i will be your frend over a year ago
AltonTowersNerd commented…
Thanks Grace and Dakota, can we be friends. You can add me if you like :) over a year ago