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A review of 'Rubber Band'

Review posted over a year ago
A “Rubber Band;” indeed this song is. With a rounded, slightly mournful tone, the song tells the tale of a man’s frequency of visiting the park with his girl, where they listen to an out-of-tune band until the man goes off to fight in the war. The climax of the song describes the man’s anguish when he returns to find his girl “married to the leader of that band.” This dismal ending is forewarned by the doleful nature of the beginning of the song, which seemingly has no cause for woe.
The song has a pleasing turn of phrase and a rolling, curvaceous undertone to the backing...

Review of 'Uncle Arthur'

Review posted over a year ago
“Uncle Arthur;” This buoyant melody, inspired by Bowie’s incredulity and subsequent interest in one of his friend’s confessions that they were not a twenty-year old musician, but a twenty-seven year old uncle is equipped with hand-clapping and a sweet, honest delivery by Bowie. With a touch of pointed mirth, this song proves itself a simple, catchy tune which seems to be laughing at Bowie’s own aspirations to fame. With a simple chord structure and range, its feel-good aura is contagiously fun. Personally, I immediately took a liking to the openness of Bowie’s voice in this song,...

Review of "David Bowie" - His debut album

Review posted over a year ago
"David Bowie" - Deram Album - Deluxe Edition

Track Listing:

1. Uncle Arthur
2. Sell Me A Coat
3. Rubber Band
4. Love You Till Tuesday
5. There Is A Happy Land
6. When I Live My Dream
7. Little Bombadier
8. Silly Boy Blue
9. Come and Buy My Toys
10. Join the Gang
11. She's Got Medals
12. Maid of Bond Street
13. Please Mr. Gravedigger


Christian Bale's 25 Random Things About Me

Article posted over a year ago
The two things everyone's been talking about lately are Christian Bale's onset freakout and those ubiquitous 25 Random Things About Me lists. It got us wondering if maybe Christian Bale himself had made a list, so we hacked into his Facebook account. And then we made this fake list.

1) I ad-libbed all of Newsies. It wasn't even supposed to be a musical.

2) My philosophy: It's not who you are underneath, but how good you are at staying out of my fucking eye-line that defines you.

Mandras' letter to Pelagia from the front

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I wish that I could write to you. I would not tell you of the trenches filled with fetid water, the harsh wind which forever besets us even when our enemy’s guns are silent. Nor would I tell of the rats and the stench, the endless death and those driven mad by it all. I would merely tell you that I love you.
At first, when we all arrived in this wretched place, none of us could make out the enemy, as the fog shrouded them. We soon learnt how to use the fog to our advantage, keeping quiet and clear of the enemy’s lines. We didn’t have much choice. We lost 13 men...