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Bai_Hu said about Star Wars
Hi folks I'm new here. Been a Star Wars fan since seeing the 1st one SW 4 New Hope when it 1st came out. I've all from 1 to 7 & Rogue 1. Personally I don't even consider making comparisons as to which is better which is worse. Just take what I like from each one & that way enjoy each one for itself. Sure there is some shlocky work in some of the newer ones, especially that they too often use copycat of what was in the earlier ones, but why ruin my enjoyment by seeking what to complain about? Posted over a year ago
Seanthehedgehog commented…
Nice to meet you. Sounds like you've been a fan for a very long time. over a year ago
Bai_Hu commented…
Thanks for the welcome Seanthehedgehog. Wondering if there are any people here over 50? over a year ago
Seanthehedgehog commented…
So you weren't even a teenager when it first came out. I guess that's your favorite Star Wars film. over a year ago