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You like Smallville too! :D Posted over a year ago
TivaParaSiempre said …
Hey Nic! Oh my goodness, I haven't chatted with you in so long. And you're such a nice person to chat with! How are you? Posted over a year ago
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Hi!! How r u? Posted over a year ago
Slayerfest93 gave me props for my videos
Hey sorry for the belated reply! Been very busy! Yeah I'm good, finishing up school soon, got a soccer grand final coming up this weekend, so looking forward to that. How are you?
Oh and I finally watched S5 of Dexter, loved it! Can't wait till the sixth season. Posted over a year ago
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what's up Posted over a year ago
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thanks for liking my CeNa icon.
and Im fine. wat about ya? Posted over a year ago
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Yeah, I can't wait for NCIS to return. This season is gonna be great, Palmer and Breena's wedding, 200th episode, Abby's backstory, and some for McGee... Aww. :D
How's the weather in Australia? Posted over a year ago
JennyShepard said …
oh yes, jethro love school. playing all the time with other cute puppys. and you can teach an old dog new tricks, with enough food +smile+ but the tricks of your dog are also great. i give jethro for his birthday a little cake. and perhaps something else for him.

your are great. +hug+ i like to write with you. and i can improve my english because of this. Posted over a year ago
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Hi Nic,
Oh,we have so much in common I guess.I like Vampire Diaries, True blood,Supernatural,One tree hill,Glee,Friends,Smallville and Roswel.You kinda like lot vampire series.So,do u like Vampire Diaries?? Posted over a year ago
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Hey :)
Umm we just stayed in Hungary, we went to lake Balaton for two weeks. It's a kind of tradition we go every year. And before that I was in Paris, that was really awesome! I've never been there before and it was quite impressing. I have an I ♥ Paris jumper! :D
But what about you? Have you been somewhere this summer?

I hope you had a good day, and it wasn't too tiring after all! :) Posted over a year ago