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Harry Potter

What makes the Harry Potter Series so magical for you?

16 answers | my answer: That it's not just unreal...That there's a sense......
Harry Potter

Did you cry when you saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

23 answers | my answer: OMG! I nearly did! It's going to be so awesome. I ...

what is the song made you become a huge fan of evanescence?

32 answers | my answer: My Immortal and Bring Me to Life, probably... ♥
Twilight Series

Is Talor Lautner Native American or is that just his role in Twilight??? And do you think this pic is photo-shopped???

10 answers | my answer: with the Native American...Don't know...But this pi...
Twilight Series

Who is hotter Jasper or Emette????

20 answers | my answer: Emmett!!!!
Hottest Actors

Post a pic of your fav celeb on the red carpet, signing autographs!

10 answers | my answer: Argh... I missed that we're in the Hottest ACTORS c...
True Blood

What is a really good supernatural tv show that isn't true blood?

14 answers | my answer: I would definitely agree on Supernatural... it's th...
True Blood

Where can I find Season 4 (and eventually Season 5) epsoides that do not require that I have to doownload the vids, join the site, or have cabel tv?

2 answers | my answer: I think this one is really good: link...

Is there a song that makes you feel happy?

23 answers | my answer: This one :D I love it and it makes me soooo happy ...

what are some awesome songs i should download?

158 answers | my answer: This one is really great! <3