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One Tree Hill funerals ... let's add one more !!!

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Ok guys ... i just found this on FanFiction.Net ...
i thought it would be funny if i posted this here,i will credit of course: (heres the link!) First I know that lots of you guys like Peyton but please don't hate me for posting this! So unless you have a sense of humor this isn’t for Peyton fans or Leyton fans. :)
P.S I think Mary will like this LoL !


Some points that indicate that you are obsessed with BRUCAS !!! :)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hey guys :) Here are some points that indicate that you are obsessed with BRUCAS ... credit goes to: ! so tell me are you obsessed LoL ... I know that I am :)

01. Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott are your two favorite characters.
02. You tape every single episode of OTH, even if you're there watching it at the same time.
03. After every episode is over, you rewind the tape only to re-watch all of the Brucas moments over and over again.

We're young, we're fine... let's do some damage!

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hi ... guys !!!
So now everyone are writing articles ... Chauren effect!
great!So I decide too !!! Let see ... hmm
What could i say about me ... LoL

My name is Ana Marija ... but friends call me AnA or AnA BaNaNa - this
nick name gaved me Cherry and i like it :)

The date of birth is 6th June ... i think thats the reason
why I love summer ... :) and summer vacation !!! c(:

I have three mans in my life ... actually they are

To my Brooke ... CheeryDavis ... :)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hey guys ... this is my first article ... i write him today in school ... on the history class ... it was so boring so I write an article!
and I hope you will like it because i write it with love ... :)

In short period I "feel in love" with this spot and you all are great
friends and fans.It's feel so good to be here! the one and the best thing that Mark ever done is giving us Brucas ... and in this case i must say: "Thanks Mark"!!! Because of Brucas we all are here,suporting and beliving in our favourite couple! Now I have a lot of friends how...