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So just curious how come the Elena Gilbert spot doesn't have both the book AND show image of Elena like this spot has both book AND show Bonnie's image? I guess two diff people made the spots... Posted 8 months ago
Brylannie said about Bangel vs Cangel
Buffy with Angel FOREVER!!! Posted 9 months ago
Brylannie said about Passions
Hi. Are there any Charity & Miguel Fans, and Whitney & Chad Fans here? If so, join their spots now as well as the Passions Couples spot. Thanks:) Posted 10 months ago
Brylannie said about Lily & Cane
Welcome Laners;) Posted over a year ago
Brylannie said about Liam and Annie
Sign this & comment you want Lannie in it:) Posted over a year ago
Brylannie said about 90210
Please sign & comment this petition if you want to see the new cast featured in the Beverly Hills 90210 MOVIE! Thanks Posted over a year ago
Brylannie said about Tyler and Caroline
Currently trending FOREVER FORWOOD TODAY 3/6/13 1pm EST, 10pm PST, 6pm UK, 7pm ET, 4pm Brazil Posted over a year ago
lanniexmaxomi said …
hey did you see the lannie and sixon episode recently? Posted over a year ago
Brylannie said about Damon & Bonnie
I really don't think the writers plan on making Bamon happen. We need a trend. How about No Bamon We Quit ? Someone help me organize this. This trend MUST be successful! Posted over a year ago
Wahinetoa commented…
Ratings dived over JPs inconsistant writing (if you call what jp does as writing), Bonnies nonlife/happiness. Let her kill this show, and we can follow Kat on to better, frankly. Kat, Paul and JoMo - they deserve it! over a year ago
Brylannie said about Spencer and Toby
Is everyone still voting for Spoby? You can vote everyday as much as you like. Posted over a year ago