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this week ive learned to love Posted 10 months ago
big smile
Caitlin1996 said about Random
for all that did not know I am a magical waffle with lazer powers Posted 10 months ago
Caitlin1996 said about 3t Jackson
They rock!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Michael Jackson i love you Posted over a year ago
Caitlin1996 said about LOL
if u call someone who takes a quiz quizical then what do you call someone who takes a test??!!!!!?????? Posted over a year ago
Autumncullen20 commented…
testical...oh lol lol over a year ago
Caitlin1996 commented…
haha u get it thats gr8 lolz over a year ago
Caitlin1996 said …
jeez when will these stupid people learn Posted over a year ago
Caitlin1996 said about Random
ahhhhhhhhh run away the world is gonna end ahhhhhhhhhhh zombies are attacing me help!!!!!!!!!! omj hel............................. Posted over a year ago
blackpanther666 commented…
Wow, you have an underactive, cliche imagination... You are quite boring. over a year ago
Janey143 commented…
I guys really love 2 fight huh..,,,,,,0_0 over a year ago
Caitlin1996 commented…
depends over a year ago
Caitlin1996 said to MJJLOVE
Hi thx for fanning me i love your profile picture and i also love mj so i know we will get along well hope to talk to u soon :) Posted over a year ago
Charlie...... Charlie Charlie. What!!!! What do you want we're on a beige charlie Posted over a year ago
Caitlin1996 said about Random
There's no such thing as monsters the voice under my bed told me so Posted over a year ago