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Big Time Rush: Meet!

Opinion posted over a year ago
Kendall's P.O.V-
Now boy's we are going to put the bucket under there door, when they leave about now to the mall, and then Logan is going to scare Cece.
Logan looked at him with a mad face" I am not going to scare her" Kendall just looked at him."And why not" Logan rolled his eyes "Oh please, like we are going to get kicked out" he laughed and then stopped. Kendall laughed " Now! MOVE OUT!"
Kendall: *putting up the water* uh-oh! there coming! *hides*

Big Time Rush: Off Set of BTR

Opinion posted over a year ago
Tristin: where are the guys
Me: How should I know if I am new here.
Tristin: *laughs* right.
Carlos and Logan: Hey Tristin!
Tristin: You guys mad, that I put snails in your pants while you was sleeping, in the room
Tristin: ahahaha
Me: bye! *goes in my dressing room*
Tristin: hey Wait up *goes in* Why do you leave everytime you see logan?
Me: whaa...what no! I leave for a current reason because you guys are kinda weird