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"Can't Stop The Rain" - Emma & Graham Fanfiction

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Emma and Sheriff Graham Of course it was raining. The one time Emma leaves her keys in her jacket it has to be raining. Her jacket is back in Mary Margaret’s apartment, who is out for the night babysitting for Ashley so she can have some alone time with Sean. It’s late Sunday night and Storybrooke being the small town it is, seems deserted. Even Granny’s is closed for the night. And so Emma stands outside the apartment building, leaning against her car, utterly drenched.

It’s not that she doesn’t like the rain, because she does. She’s always found it to be oddly comforting actually. But...

"You Saved Me." Emma & Graham Fanfiction

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Emma and Sheriff Graham With all the Emma and Graham angst going around after what happened I thought I’d write a little fanfiction on the happier side, maybe in hopes to cheer some people up (including myself).

This is just my idea on how I’d like the series to end.

It had finally happened. After 2 years the battle was finally over, the curse on Storybrooke and it’s residents was now broken. All thanks to Emma Swan. Everyone had returned to Fairytale land and was now celebrating in the town square outside the castle. Snow and Charming...

Emma & Graham - Deleted Scene Script from the Pilot.

Article posted over a year ago
Emma and Sheriff Graham
Note: This is a deleted scene from the Pilot episode of Once Upon A Time, the script below is from the original draft of the Pilot. Emma was orginally named Anna hence why the script refers to her that way. The scene was apparently shot (see the pictures below) but was scrapped. The scene may vary if the scene is ever released via DVD Extras.


[i]Anna hurries out. Just needing to get the hell out of here. She comes upon the sheriff, leaning up against her car. He smiles at her. Munching on a PIXIE STICK. Offers her...

"Finding Emma" - Emma & Graham Fanfiction

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Emma and Sheriff Graham He had only met her for a brief moment but the Sheriff quickly realized he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen anyone new come to town. Her appearance brought an odd sense of hopefulness to him that he couldn’t place. Something he couldn’t remembering feeling in the longest time.

But now was not the time for this, she was probably already long gone by now, back to where ever she came from. And as for him he had his Sheriff duties that needed to be tended to. He had his nightly patrol of the town before heading home.

What Greek Means To Me...

Opinion posted over a year ago
After 4 years, 74 episodes and 1 almost cancellation Greek has finally approached it's Series finale.

I came across this show by accident 2 years ago on June 15th only a week and a half after graduating high school. The next night I tweeted the following message:

"So I randomly caught the "Greek" season finale last night, and I think I might like the show, maybe I'll check it out."
10:28 PM Jun 16th, 2009 via web

Little did I realize that one event of catching a random show, at a random time would lead me to this point years later....