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Look what Hotch found (Sequel to Lost and Found)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by SussiRay.
Sequel to Lost and Found.
Rated: T (hot and sexy!):D

What does it mean when a woman names her... her vibrator... after a man she knows?"

David Rossi looked at the man who had just entered his office, confusion welling up. What the hell is he talking about?

"What the hell are you talking about, Hotch?" Rossi asked.

But before Hotch had a chance to answer him Rossi noticed the piece of light purple plastic that he was clutching.

Lost and Found

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by SussiRay.


Emily Prentiss rushed into the office of techkitten Penelope Garcia and slammed the door behind her.

"You know what's nice?" Garcia's voice was dripping with sarcasm."Knocking..."

Emily didn't hear her or she just didn't care. "I've lost Little Hotch!" she hissed.

"Uhm...what? I know he's no Morgan but you can hardly call him little, Em..."

"No, not Hotch Hotch... Little Hotch!"

Let's Date

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by phoebe9509.
Rated: M
There are some "hot" scenes in this story!;)

Aaron Hotchners brother Sean was in the area visiting his big brother. They had their ups and downs just like any family does but they were trying to be more of a family. After a big case the team went out to dinner and Hotch invited Sean. Hotch quickly saw how drawn his baby brother was to Prentiss. He was telling her jokes then lightly placing his hand on her arm or leg. Hotch wasn't too fond of seeing them flirt, but he let it go.

What Has Gotten Into Emily?

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by MissCrys.
Rated: T

Emily Prentiss was running late for work. She couldn't believe that she over slept this morning. She has never over slept before in her life. Then again she was never kept up all night because of erotic dreams that she was having about a man that she couldn't have or shouldn't want to have. She didn't pay any attention to the clothes she grabbed out of her closet. She just chose randomly and just checked to make sure she had everything on the right way. Ten minutes later she was headed out her front door.

Love Actually

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by Mydnyte Houre.

Emily Prentiss closed the microwave door and set two steaming mugs of milk on the counter. She pulled two bright pink plastic spoons from the drawer and placed one in each mug before pouring out two generous measures of cocoa mix. Hissing softly as the hot porcelain pressed against her hands, she picked the mugs up and carried them into her living room. She shook her hands to relieve the burning sensation in her palms as she set the mugs down on the small coffee table, earning a questioning look from Hotch....