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Journey Home

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Emily Prentiss

Journey Home

I grew up lonely,
Trusting myself only.
I kept my thoughts hidden,
Feelings were forbidden.

I traveled many places,
Met with different faces.
All I wanted was to belong,
Always feeling I did something wrong.

I’ve fought my way,
Now I’m here to stay.
I found my friends, family and home.
No longer need I feel alone.

We fight to purge this earth of evil,

I'm Yours

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by rawpotato.
I'm Yours" Song by Jason Mraz.

“The hardest part about losing love is finding your way back.”

Emily Prentiss sat at her desk, surrounded by her friends. Will had brought Henry in to visit JJ on one of the rare days that they got to spend in Quantico. They were all at Reid’s desk where Henry sat, staring at Reid enthralled by the magic tricks that the man was performing. Years ago, when she’d asked him if he were thinking about having baby geniuses, he hadn’t said anything, but he had taken to the role...

Miracles Amidst the Darkness

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by ilovetvalot.
Note: This story is taken after 100th Episode.

Miracles Amidst the Darkness

He heard her soft approach from behind him, her footsteps rustling on the dead leaves carpeting the ground of the deserted cemetery around him. Closing his eyes against the wave of regret washing over him, he clenched his jaw. He didn’t want to be comforted anymore. Especially not by her. He didn’t deserve it.

It was his fault. His fault for not taking the deal that would have saved her life. His fault that his beautiful son...

Family Dynamics

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by dreamgoddess'92.
Its a Hotch/Jack story, including the Team and hints of Emily.:)
There will possibly be more parts.

Dear friend, do you know

Which way the wind will blow

No man is promised tomorrow

Still you make up excuses

You don’t know why, but you do it

You think a part of you is missing

Hotch looked on in amazement at his team, who surrounded his son as he sat in a familiar burnett’s lap.


Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hotch & Emily Written by dreamgoddess'92
Sequel to "Nothing"(1) and "Cold"(2)
Songtext by Dierks Bently "Come a little Closer"

Come a little closer baby

I feel like layin' you down

On a bed of sweet surrender

Where we can work it all out

Hotch wasn’t going to mess up this time, and he was going to prove it to Emily.

Whatever Emily had been expecting as she let Hotch follow her into her apartment immediately flew out the window as she felt his arms wrap around her tightly. He...