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quinn13 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Hi!! Hahahah like your motto... So, you watch vampire diaries?
Btw I added you.. :)) Posted over a year ago
CindyX commented…
I am so sorry but I got no emails of these messages and I lost my pw to this account on fanpop so I just got it back and I'm now seeing these messages. Yes I watch The Vampire Diaries alot. over a year ago
CindyX said about Gossip Girl
I'm actually rewatching the entire series from season one and I'm having fun, I mean first I was skocked when Chuck slept with jenny then I was more shocked when he got shocked then I was mad that Blair was meddling in Eva's business and now I think that we may be close to finding out whos gossip girl and I'm glad that chuck and blair got back together I just wish there was someone for Jenny though, besides Nate but I've reached Season 4 Epsidoe 9 so please dont spoil it for me ;D Posted over a year ago
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☆ Thanks for the add back ^_^ ☆
& Nice to meet you ^-^ Posted over a year ago
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its no probzzz, i've been on tumblr and facebook so i've been hella busy but imma come back here when i'm not as busy and everytime someone adds me or messages me i will kno cause i have a offline mail reciever..!! over a year ago
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hw r u..? Posted over a year ago
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I'm Fine Ty!!!! over a year ago
jboo41189 gave me props for my polls
thanks for the add Posted over a year ago
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Its No Problem :D over a year ago
Lili-chan gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Thanks for add. How are you? Posted over a year ago
aashnak gave me props for my videos
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you're welcome!
and thanks for adding me back!
how are you? Posted over a year ago
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no prob, i'm good, and i love the pics you posted, i even have one of the icon as my pro pic :) over a year ago
av94 gave me props for my images
Thanks for the add! :) Posted over a year ago
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You Are Very Welcome over a year ago
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hey, thanks for the add! ;)
LOVE your Kat icon and your motto <33 Posted over a year ago
CindyX commented…
You're welcome, and thanks so much, i love it too, and i alwayss follow my motto over a year ago