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RiderOfTempest gave me props for my articles
Duuuude not cool D: we used to be bros. Posted over a year ago
spadeharrson gave me props for my images
you seam cool anuff homie Posted over a year ago
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Hi Clutch! How's it going man? Posted over a year ago
NagisaTomoya gave me props for my images
<3 Posted over a year ago
King_Jack_Atlas said …
Hope you haven't gone anywhere. Posted over a year ago
big smile
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could you join my club please?

would be great thank you! have a nice day! :) Posted over a year ago
NagisaTomoya said …
Annyeonghaseyo, Ni Hao, and konnichiwa. I desire to chat like we used to... You know, the joking and the fun we had. I miss that. It may never be the same because fo what happened... But shimasu...? It'd mean the world to me~! Posted over a year ago
Clutch13 commented…
sure... we can chat... over a year ago
NagisaTomoya commented…
Fuck it's raining... over a year ago
Clutch13 commented…
Rained here too today... over a year ago
RiderOfTempest said …
Golgi!! How are you? I miss your depressing company. Posted over a year ago
RiderOfTempest commented…
Really, I do <3 over a year ago
Clutch13 commented…
lol thanks... I'm still breathing... how have you been? over a year ago
RiderOfTempest commented…
As fine as I could be..going to school and staying home, mostly. Learning to play guitar, looking rough, failing U.S. History., the usual. I got another court date in a couple weeks. ^-^ ...-_- I want to hug you. Even if you'd push me away and throw me out. How's everything going? over a year ago
Clutch13 commented…
Almost like you except for the court date thing and the U.S. History trouble... Go to work and come home... just life in a never ending daily cycle that I detest, but if I do anything to cut the threads that make the cycle, life will get even worse. over a year ago
2014 CDL Regular Season is just a bit over 2 months away! Posted over a year ago
Nalu-love gave me props for my links
Merry Christmas jim-kun -hugs u- Posted over a year ago