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DAFan03 said about Dance Academy
ok... guys. im digusted rite now........ how can a producerr or something make two girls love each other??? im only 9 :( i dnt understand how a teacher who is almost like 100 like a girl who is like 15????????? 100-15= 85yrs old that is older than my grandmaaa! Even that old playboy mansion guy had a less age difference. i dnt know his name but its arack o bumah or something??? im only 9 i dnt understand, plz explain. btw.... no more dance academy i WILL be calling the kids helpline. thank u. Posted over a year ago
bronwynr1 commented…
I can tell you for sure its fake those are clips form series 2. over a year ago
freehugs4u commented…
That is FAKE anyone can see they are just clips from season 2. over a year ago
Mrs_Reed commented…
What are you talking about.? over a year ago