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If you guys, want to see pictures or links about the series or the movie... follow me on tumblr: link Posted over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said about Dream High
I Think Dream High is much much better than Dream High 2 :) Posted over a year ago
arriane0528 commented…
:) that's true :D <3 over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said about Kim SooHyun
Soo Hyun - Oppa is so handsome :"> ♥ Posted over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said about 07 ghost
Guys, here is a link to the latest manga chapters of 07-ghost, though its in Chinese I believe? link Posted over a year ago
big smile
DANIxttopmodel said about 07 ghost
May I know how many chapters are there in the manga series, I've read 75 chapters so far Posted over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said about Tangled
What's Tangled Ever After?? I'm not updated anymore... I'm focusing n my studies :))) And what's the big wedding? Posted over a year ago
Pocahontas1Fan commented…
Tangled Ever After is new short on Rapunzel & Flynn (Eugene) getting married. over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel commented…
Ohh, thanks! :D over a year ago
zoeywishes123 commented…
I can't wait to see that movie over a year ago
I read blogs about the next chapters ;) YOU SHOULD KEEP ON READING THIS MANGA. I guarantee you'll get reeeaaaaally addicted :> Posted over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said about Barbie Movies
I think this club should be updated ;) I'm sorry if it sounds mean Posted over a year ago
CleoCorinne commented…
No, you don't sound mean... you just sound slowpoke! That movie came out on August, and there are MANY, MANY CONTENTS about it! Just look! over a year ago
MelodyLaurel commented…
You know, this club is always updated with the latest news. Do a little research in the club. over a year ago
MelodyLaurel commented…
*In over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said …
I LOVE TO READ MANGA Posted over a year ago
DANIxttopmodel said …
I know I'm just new but, It'll be my pleasure if you're gonna be a fan my mine Posted over a year ago