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Who is your favorite character in LOST ? :) ^ . ^

20 answers | my answer: Sawyer, Charlie, Juliet, Jin, Ben and Sun, I love t...

What is Mittelos an anagram of?

1 answer | my answer: Lost Time.
Star Wars

Who is your Favourite non jedi character?

14 answers | my answer: Han Solo.
Star Wars

Original Trilogy or Latest Trilogy?

16 answers | my answer: The Original Trilogy was far superior in my opinion...
Harry Potter

Your TOP 5 favourite characters?

230 answers | my answer: Ron Hermione Luna Tonks Fred and George (Can't ...
Harry Potter

Your TOP 5 favourite couples?

120 answers | my answer: I'm definitely a cannon shipper. 1.Ron & Hermion...
Harry Potter

Out of my top ten HP guys which is your favorite?(u can pic three)

59 answers | my answer: 1.Ron 2.Fred & George 3.Remus Lupin
Harry Potter

Who is your crush in Harry Potter???

32 answers | my answer: Definitely Ron, I find him hilariously funny, which...
Harry Potter

who is the uggliest boy in harry potter?????

22 answers | my answer: Probably Crabbe or Goyle.
Harry Potter

Who else cried during the Deathly Hallows book?

18 answers | my answer: I cried for Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Dobby and poor Coli...