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jasamfan23 gave me props for my polls
Go vote for your LEAST favorite couple (of my top 20 couples) :) (ROUND 3) Posted 3 months ago
DamonElenaFan said about Damon & Elena
LOVE THEM and MISS THEM :( Posted 3 months ago
loveofdelena commented…
tell me about it. im craving their return. 3 months ago
panther-jewel commented…
I deeply love them and they are always on my mind. 3 months ago
Bash and Mary <3 Posted 4 months ago
KarinaCullen commented…
XD 4 months ago
DamonElenaFan said about Damon & Elena
Guys, vote for Delena on portraitmagazine, we are loosing it! :(( Posted 4 months ago
DamonElenaFan commented… 4 months ago
loveofdelena commented…
i really wouldn't worry, it's beating stelena that's the main goal. 4 months ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
Vote for Lannie Posted over a year ago
CSQ08 commented…
I've been voting. :) over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
EVERYONE , Lannie are most likely getting back together, Matt admitted <3 Posted over a year ago
MaryElizabeth commented…
It's about time, missed by favorites <3 over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
If we would have 90210 current writers asTVD writers, instead of EPIC Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle we would have to suffer through Stefan/aunt Jenna/ Matt (I can't think of any dumber triangle) Posted over a year ago
Brylannie commented…
LOL. That's true. over a year ago
HHR08 commented…
HAHA. That's absolutely true. Maybe TVD writers should send some of their crew over to give 90210 writers a hand ;) over a year ago
Brylannie commented…
Kevin Williamson or someone, lol. over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie Posted over a year ago
big smile
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
Fingers crossed for a good Lannie moments in next episode Posted over a year ago
atoOmY commented…
it might be a good moments between them .. but i can feel they will decide to be frnds only !! over a year ago
Lannie4-ever commented…
this season sucks. they are making liam utterly stupid and this new chick is not making Liam in a good light. Liam belongs w/ Annie over a year ago
LannieDelenaVD commented…
Totally agree!!!!Im over with this show for a good while because its just so boring!!!!!!!!!!! over a year ago
LannieDelenaVD commented…
Im not over for a while!!!!Forever!!!! over a year ago
karlswen said …
Did you know next week is last for VD? Ugh,I don't know how I'm going to survive this hiatus. Posted over a year ago