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HFU gave me props for my images
Hi Posted over a year ago
I hope second season will be more interesting. The first half of 1st season was good, but show went downhill after Mary married Francis. It's even clear after seeing huge rating drop. I hope show will get
better. Posted over a year ago
Aileen2 commented…
I really liked the second part of the season. Except the Lola baby story line...I thought it was pretty good! <3 over a year ago
MaryElizabeth commented…
It's sad to realize that this show actually had a potential but now it's pretty much ruined. Season finale reached series low, with all the news about Mash not happening this show will most definitely have it's last season. I'm just happy I don't care anymore! over a year ago
brimenyy commented…
It's ruined for you. But you know, there's more to the show than just shipping. It's story line and character development. Mash could never actually happen, so the writers dropped it. This world has enough love triangles already. over a year ago
HFU commented…
@DamonElenaFan I agree! I felt the same! -_- over a year ago
jasamfan23 gave me props for my polls
Go vote for your LEAST favorite couple (of my top 20 couples) :) (ROUND 3) Posted over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Damon & Elena
LOVE THEM and MISS THEM :( Posted over a year ago
loveofdelena commented…
tell me about it. im craving their return. over a year ago
panther-jewel commented…
I deeply love them and they are always on my mind. over a year ago
Bash and Mary <3 Posted over a year ago
KarinaCullen commented…
XD over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Damon & Elena
Guys, vote for Delena on portraitmagazine, we are loosing it! :(( Posted over a year ago
DamonElenaFan commented… over a year ago
loveofdelena commented…
i really wouldn't worry, it's beating stelena that's the main goal. over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
Vote for Lannie Posted over a year ago
CSQ08 commented…
I've been voting. :) over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
EVERYONE , Lannie are most likely getting back together, Matt admitted <3 Posted over a year ago
MaryElizabeth commented…
It's about time, missed by favorites <3 over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie
If we would have 90210 current writers asTVD writers, instead of EPIC Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle we would have to suffer through Stefan/aunt Jenna/ Matt (I can't think of any dumber triangle) Posted over a year ago
Brylannie commented…
LOL. That's true. over a year ago
HHR08 commented…
HAHA. That's absolutely true. Maybe TVD writers should send some of their crew over to give 90210 writers a hand ;) over a year ago
Brylannie commented…
Kevin Williamson or someone, lol. over a year ago
DamonElenaFan said about Liam and Annie Posted over a year ago