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Daniel1998 said about Supernatural
thumbs up if you believe either sam or dean will die forever in the final episode Posted over a year ago
PrisonBreakSco commented…
Doubt it over a year ago
Flickerflame commented…
I suspect a massacre over a year ago
ScarlettGirl said …
hey are u single xx Posted over a year ago
wolverineZ said …
andrea wont die shes still on the comics Posted over a year ago
Daniel1998 said about The Walking Dead
Merle didn't seem too bothered when he saw his brother as well all would have expected him to be. Thumbs up if you agree. Posted over a year ago
PuppyLover10009 said …
Hey you started when I started! Posted over a year ago
Daniel1998 commented…
Guess we're Blood Brothers over a year ago
Daniel1998 said about Harry Potter
Why do my questions keep on getting deleted? I was on 40 fans answered but then it got deleted. Posted over a year ago
thelatestbuzz20 said …
ill chat you the next time i see u on at the same time i am!!! :) Posted over a year ago
thelatestbuzz20 gave me props for my images
umm i like fiction books and horror and mystery. that kinda thing. i like rick riordan who writes the percy jackson series. I also like mary downing hahn. what about you??? Posted over a year ago
thelatestbuzz20 gave me props for my images
Yeah i agree it does. I dont think he wanted to kill him, but he didnt have any other choice, but i think that shane wanted rick to kill him and he didnt just kill himself because he wanted rick to have to carry that pain with him. Posted over a year ago
thelatestbuzz20 gave me props for my videos
ummm my favorite episode i think is either Beside the Dying Fire (season 2 finale) or...Pretty Much Dead Already (when Sophia was found as a walker) , but I like them all!!! Why is that one your favorite??? Posted over a year ago