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Judi Jai is the "Black Miley Cyrus" (Not sure if this was meant to be a compliment, though :/)

Opinion posted over a year ago
"Have you ever wondered what a black version of Miley Cyrus would be/look like?

Well look no further, I found her. She’s season 7 Bad Girls Club cast member Judi Jai! The hit show on Oxygen recently aired its seventh season, revealing the absolute most manic, crazy, attention-seeking member possibly ever in the show’s history.

Not only do they look alike (it’s more obvious in videos) but they act alike. Spouting crazy lines, making faces and funny hand gestures without ever really thinking of the impact. Well, without ever really thinking at all,...

Judi Jai Wanted by the Police Following the DUI Arrest!

Opinion posted over a year ago
"Proving that she’s just as cray in real life as she is on TV, Bad Girls Club New Orleans star Judith Jackson a.k.a. Judi Jai is now wanted by the police!

According to TMZ, the drama with Judi began last month on November 9 when cops pulled Judi over for driving erratically. She failed a sobriety test and then placed under arrest for suspicion of a DUI.

So this is when things get a little cra-cra folks! See, instead of simply allowing herself to be arrested, Judi decided to climb out of the squad car and run down the street while the police were searching her...

Mercury in Libra - About Mercury in Libra

Opinion posted over a year ago
Mercury in Libra is pleasing. They are natural diplomats, or at least make the effort. They wish everyone were equal in the intellectual circles. It is very important for them to have a mental connection to those they have relationships with. Chances are, if they feel there is no connection, it is because Mercury in Libra is trying too hard to be intellectual in their relationships instead of paying attention. They have a need for fairness, but their constant comparisons can appear to be unfair instead.