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Harry Potter

How old were you when you discovered the world of Harry Potter?

202 answers | my answer: I think I was around 11 or 12. So I'm somewhere ar...
Harry Potter

does anybody know what part hp7 part1 ends on?

1 answer | my answer: According to [url=link...
Harry Potter

is there any place i can download the audiobooks?

1 answer | my answer: I don't know where you can download them, but you s...
Harry Potter

Would you ever get a HP tattoo? If yes, what would it be and on what part of your body?

41 answers | my answer: I have a piece of chapter art from GOF on my ankle ...

Do you know who user has the most fans here in Fanpop?

3 answers | my answer: I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the Fanpop user wi...

is there a way to get the wall off of your profile page?

5 answers | my answer: You can't disable it altogether (yet) but if you go...

Please be honest!!!!!!!!!!

3 answers | my answer: This guy:

How did you become a Fanpopper?

75 answers | my answer: Someone posted a link to The Black Donnellys spot o...

Would it be annoying to have a "poke" button on here just like Facebook has?

22 answers | my answer: I think a "murder" button would be more useful.

Why did you choose your username?

70 answers | my answer: I'm not here to answer your question, I just want t...