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TheLefteris24 gave me props for my images
Hello there. Thank you for the add back !!!! Posted 1 month ago
DeiJambastion commented…
You're welcome. 1 month ago
DeiJambastion said about Random
link Eh I made a Pamoon club. Feel free to join and add Pamoon stuff. Posted 1 month ago
NagisaFurukawa- gave me props for my videos
I see your a Zatch Bell fan. So am i. The Anime needs to return. My childhood favorite. Kids need to be shown more Zatch Bell. And less of Pokemon. No offence i like both. I had the Spell books and cards as a kid. Action figures and games. I hope Konjiki no Gash Bell returns. I watched it on Cartoon Network as a kid. Posted 2 months ago
DeiJambastion commented…
I totally agree. I'd love a reboot with the Faudo arc redone to follow the manga. 2 months ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
Yah. Also following the Manga Zatch Bell needs to finish dubbing the Anime. And than continue on with a new series or reboot/remake. If they would continue Zatch Bell. And permote the series more. It could become as popular or more than it once was. 2 months ago