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Bend the rules a little 5

Opinion posted over a year ago
Fun times
Ian got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He stepped outside the bathroom and entered his room. Ian opened his drawer and searched for his underwear.
"Need help". A voice said. Ian turned around and saw Nina standing in the doorway.
He raised one eyebrow "perverted much" He said with a smirk on his face.
Nina smiled and walked toward Ian "it's not my fault you have an awesome six pack" She traced his abs. "and it's not perverted to watch your fiance put on boxers". Ian smiled and kissed Nina. He wrapped on arm around her waist and held her face with...

Bend the rules a little 4

Opinion posted over a year ago
Candice looked left and right and entered the closet. 2 minutes later she came out with can and ran. She darted the hotel staff and didn't look back. She ran up the stairs to her room. When she arrived she set down the can and was breathing heavily.
"got it" she said then sat down on the bed.
"okay do we know her room number" asked Nina
"yep 361 B. I had to flirt with the clerk to get it" Katherine said "not proud of it"
"okay now me and Katarina will put it while you Candice will look out for her or any trap"

Bend the rules a little 3

Opinion posted over a year ago
The guys finished grabbing the luggages into the hotel. The girls checked everyone in their rooms.
"so i was thinking we go settle in then hit the casino" Katarina said
"okay here's our room" Nina said giving the girls their keys. The guys took the girls stuff to their room. Ian went in Nina's and sat down on the bed.
"okay i'm going to take a shower and i'll meet you guys there" He said getting up
"okay i'll tell them" Nina said then closed the door behind Ian. She took a quick shower and blew out her hair before excitedly rummaging through her luggage to find...

New love 10

Opinion posted over a year ago
Elena stood in front of her bathroom mirror looking at the scar on her lip. Damon's fangs made two holes on her lips and she had no idea how to cover it up. She grabbed a paper towel and started dabbing it on her cut when Stefan appeared in her room.
"Stefan" She said stepping out of the bathroom "what are you doing here"
"Damon's gone" He said in a panick voice
"what. why? when did this happen" She asked
"i don't know. I went home and on the front steps they were blood all over it" He said

New love 9

Opinion posted over a year ago
Elena sat up from Damon's chest. Damon's eyes were closed but he wasn't asleep. Elena stood up and looked at the stars, she looked at her phone and saw it was 3:28. Damon opened his eyes.
"what's wrong" he asked
"Damon don't you think we should get home, or at least find you're ring".
Damon got up "fine come on we can still go home there's time"
Elena and Damon started walking out of the woods. Elena kept looking at the ground to see if the man had dropped the ring in one of this direction. They kept walking forward when a man and his son about 10 stumbled upon...